Friday, 30 March 2012

Grateful for Friday

Today I am so grateful it is Friday.  Grateful may not be quite the right word, but man I am thanking the Lord it is!  Everyone in the House of O is exhausted.  The end of the term cannot come fast enough for my Little Man.  He is on a tired and emotional roller coaster ride.  I got called back to school this morning because he burst into tears and needed a hug.  This was after captain obnoxious had been present for the entire hour beforehand!  Unfortunately his first Soccer game is tomorrow morning, but after the that a lazy, restful weekend is planned.  He just needs to make it through to Thursday...

I am super grateful that my exam for my current unit is untimed and available online for 10 whole days.  I have already logged on and printed that sucker out.  Odds are good that I will submit my answers on the last day with a record breaking attempt that lasted 240 hours!  I need this assistance.  This topic is killing me, it is so intense.  The convener was so kind to allow this little loophole!  It will never happen again and I so making the most of it.

Even though I have had a private grumble and multiple daily showers, I am also grateful for this unseasonally warm, but humid weather.  How nice is Autumn this year in Sydney?  I may even see a rare sunny day for my birthday this year.  It has not occurred many times in my lifetime, I usually get rain.  Fingers crossed!

Take yourselves over to Maxabella Loves... or Kidspot for a bigger dose of Grateful.  It is very good for the soul!!


  1. Friday is awesome. I SO love Fridays! Holidays won't come soon enough then? (We just started ours in Melbourne today).

    All the best with your exam. You have time on your side! xxx

    1. I feel like a cheat on the exam! Fridays have meaning again now that the Little Man has started school! It's nice.

  2. Fingers crossed for some birthday sun

    1. Thanks! It always makes a birthday better when the weather is nice!


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