Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Message for my Outlaws

I just spent a couple of hours crafting a post to the Workaholics family.

I just deleted it.  The Internet does not need to know the whys or hows of our situation.

If you are one of my in laws and you have discovered my blog and are reading this, please note the following points:

  • The Workaholic is unemployed.  Don't push him. You know what I am talking about.
  • The Workaholic is unemployed.  Broke people, no income. Nada. Zip.
  • You have another brother, he is actually at the root of the current family situation, how about you remember that?  He could do with a good kick up the butt.
  • My kids are your kids cousins.  They are innocent.   It would be nice for them to see their Poppy and cousins once in a while.
So sad.  But if you had not unfriended me on Facebook, I would have had a more private method of communication.  Your choice, not mine.


  1. Oh Sam, family situations are so difficult. I hope that you get some resolution soon, or at least some kindness and understanding.

    1. I feel better just putting it out there and the Workaholic seems to let it wash over him. Looks like he has work again too. Thumbs up to that!

  2. Sometimes family sucks. I hope things improve soon. Great news on the possible work front.


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