Saturday, 20 April 2013

Saturday Morning Rain, Peace and Quiet

Today the boys have gone to work on a friends house with the Workaholic and I am having a lazy morning with Leon.

Leon my Bed Buddy this rainy morning.

It's pouring in Sydney.  It's a great day to be home!

At some point I must get going and clean the bathroom, put away washing and vacuum the floors, but right now I am enjoying the quiet.  I love the sound of rain.

While I lie here patting the cat, I am contemplating the return to "normal" that is immanent in the House of O. The Workaholic starts his new Sydney job.  It is a time of decisions for me.

When he went away for work I looked for a part time job, withdrew from my studies and focused on single parenting.

Now I need to rethink things.  I need more time at home. The Workaholic makes more mess than the rest of put together.  My 8 hour a week job is actually way more than 8 hours because I need to drive so far between appointments.  It doesn't work for my family but I am in the terrible situation of really loving my work.  I know I fit in well for the company and that is making it really tough to extricate myself.  I feel ridiculous! It's a no brainer, but still I just can't resign and move on.  Most of all I need to upgrade my qualifications so that I can get a real job when the Munchkin starts school in 2015.

I just can't understand why I am having such a problem with this!

How's your Saturday looking?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

School Holidays are here again!

Big blogging break has been had.  I just couldn't blog, there was too much happening.  I know some people blog their best in times of crisis.  I had no inclination to blog at all.

And now, Term One is done.

It has been an interesting time.

The Little Man started Year One.  He has a great class and a wonderful, calm and gentle teacher.  He started Karate.  He loves it.  We have seen an amazing transformation in him.  He has really matured and is finally focussed on something he loves.  I cannot recommend Karate enough!

Yellow Belt Grading - Now he gets to wear the suit.  He 's stoked!!

The Workaholic has spent the last five months living away from us while working in Wagga Wagga.  It was the only job he could get.  It took 11 months, but he finally got a job.  It was tough on him, he is such a home body.  He coped pretty well.  We gave Skype a workout and he knows the drive to and from Wagga like the back of his hand!  Now he is back home because he starts a real job in Sydney at the end of this month!

The boys and I stayed home and got on with life as normal as possible.  Single parenting is tough, I really appreciate that now.  The up side though was that housekeeping is so much easier when it's just the boys and I.  The Workaholic is such a messy bugger.  Don't get me started on the washing...

I started a part time job in November and it has reminded me how much I love training.  It made me decide to upgrade all of my qualifications and go after a real training job.  It also reminded me why we chose for me to be a stay at home Mum while the kids were little!! It's tough fitting kids and their activities around work.

The Munchkin adores pre school and asks everyday if it is a pre school day!  He is hilarious.  Such a delightful little personality!!  He's recently discovered that he can curl his tongue.  It is his go to pose for photos now.

The Munchkin and the tongue.  He finally watched the Wizard of Oz
with me and now knows why he is called the Munchkin.

We are enjoying the down time of the school holidays and getting back to some form of normal in Term Two.  Fingers crossed anyway.

So that's us in a teeny tiny nutshell.  How are you going?