Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Little Man looks after Mummy

Today I just could not get up.  I was up at 3 vomiting for Australia and then again at 6.  I just couldn't cope with getting up and cooking the promised pancake breaky.

Luckily the Little Man took charge.

He got everything out for breakfast, I went out there for all of about 5 minutes, poured milk into cups and cereal bowls, cut up some fruit, mumbled that if I felt better they could have pancakes for lunch and returned to my bed.

He put the dishes in the sink when they were finished, helped the Munchkin down from his chair and set up a playlist of Neverland Pirates episodes for them to watch.  A bit later he came in and said "Mummy don't worry," I start freaking out, wondering what has happened, "if you are still sick you don't need to get up and make pancakes for lunch, we can eat fruit and crackers."

I thought, "How sweet is that?" 

And then, "Now I really have to make those damn pancakes!"

My pancakes did not look anything like this today...

After I had made the pancakes, they had eaten them and were doing their best to tip over the swing set and I was tentatively sipping a cup of coffee, I realised that they were both dressed and wearing shoes!  It turns out the 4 year old had taken charge and helped his 23 month old brother choose clothes and put them on.  He then went and found his shoes and helped him into them too.  Not only that but he had put all of the dirty pyjamas into the laundry!

How to make self sufficient kids?  Be a deadbeat Mum and sleep till lunch time!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

This Week I'm Grateful for...

the Little Man's ability to make and maintain friendships.

Today was National Tree Day (and I am also very grateful to live in a tree heavy part of Sydney) and it was also the end of Pyjama and Teddy Bear's Picnic week at the Little Man's pre-school.  There was a tree planting ceremony and a Teddy Bear's Picnic this morning for the parents to attend.  The Munchkin and I wagged his swimming lesson to participate (shhhh, don't dob on us!!).  It was a really nice morning, even the bit where the kids decided it would be HILARIOUS to bury the Little Man's Mummy's shoes in the sand pit.

While I was there I had a chance to chat to some of the parents I don't normally get to see.  It really made me feel so grateful that the Little Man has made such good friends in his short life and is definitely emotionally ready for Big School next year as some of them are deciding to hold their kids back after the parent teacher feedback they have received.  He is part of a tight little group of four at pre-school, they have been fast friends for about 18 months.  They have a genuine attachment to each other, but are still able to accept other children into their games. 

A photo of the mates last year,
image from the pre-school website

Monkeying around today...

He has also made friends outside of pre-school. 

He has a friend he's had since before they were born(on the same day)!  His mother and I used to chat in the Obstetrician's office!  Even when they don't see each other for months, they talk about each other and have a wonderful time together, picking up where they left off as if no time has passed.

My Facebook catch up with a long lost friend from high school who lives locally (I'm very grateful that we found each other again after 24 years), has led to another friendship for my Little Man (and me).  We met up last year at a local park.  Before I found her, our boys had found each other and were on their way to becoming firm friends!

There are many stories like these.  He's managing to make friends quite effortlessly.  I am very proud.

Unfortunately, I am also painfully aware of the increasing size of his birthday parties...

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Reality Check

Magdalena over at The Craft Revival has grabbed me this afternoon with her "unworthy-of-a-magazine-shoot life" photos on her reality is... post.  I looked around my bedroom and decided to join in!

Today I have not made my bed.  This is not a common occurence.  I love to get up and make my bed every morning.  It makes the room instantly tidier and motivates me to get on with my day.  Today, though, Marilla was already curled up and as she is so old and today sounds as if she is getting pnuemonia, I did not have the heart to boot her off.

I would however, draw you attention to the very normal state of my bedside table. It pretty much looks like this all the time.

Miss Kitty and the unmade bed

Next I swung around and took a shot of the crib in the corner.  This is also known as the elephant in the room here in the house of O.  It was returned by my cousin quite a few months ago.  It has not moved since.  Often it is empty for a short while but not today!  I don't want  to store it in the garage as we have a river that runs through there when it rains and I am hoping to need it again soon.  The Workaholic wants it gone.  Anyway I squeeze past it every time I enter and exit the room and it has become a convenient spot to drop stuff.

I am especially liking the garbage bag ties hanging out and
the plush toy on the floor in the doorway.

Next I took a wee wander down the hall to The Little Man's room.  To discover this:

Unmade bed - I just haven't been in there today as
he had PJ day at Pre-School...  No, really!

This is supposed to be a full bookcase. Usually the books are on the floor.
I'm not sure where they are today, but I am liking his accessorising,
especially the green floatee - I have no idea where that came from!

Normally I would expect to see the Mickey Canvas (on the floor in the
previous photo), the bookends (with a set of Disney readers in them) and
the Mickey clock...
Now, if the Munchkin was not asleep, I could show you my REAL dirty secret... Luckily for me he is!  I'll save that for another day.

I am actually pretty OK with the rest of the house today.  It seems the bedrooms are todays unworthy of a magazine shoot rooms!

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Things I Know... and a Flog...

Joining in with Shae from Yay for Home!, things I know (today hosted by as well as Where's my Glow for Flog Ya Blog Friday again this week.

Just because I can...

Have a great weekend!

- The weather in Sydney is the complete opposite to last week and it is STUNNING!
- Yesterday's trip to Zoo by the Family of O was wonderful but totally exhausting. 
- The Giraffe Encounter was fantastic.  Unfortunately the Little Man would be photographed with the Giraffe (you can just see him hiding behind me), which meant that his cousin Miss L wasn't looking at the camera either as she idolises him and had to watch what he was up to.  Luckily the Munchkin was obliging, so I will crop down the photo and he can have all the glory when I scrapbook it.
I was too tired to walk to the office and scan this last night,
 so it's a photo of a photo.  It was a long day!!
Let's hope this magnificent weather hangs around for the weekend!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday

House of O Breakfast 23/07/11

I'm joining in with My Little Drummer Boys & faith hope and a whole lotta love for Wordless Wednesday.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pianorama is shortening my life!

Today is Tuesday.

Piano Day!

For the last hour I have been yelling at encouraging the Little Man to colour in his practice in his music book, eat his breakfast, get dressed, stop annoying his dressed and waiting to go brother, get dressed, stop annoying the cat, get dressed, get shoes and socks on.  It is a regular Tuesday morning in the house of O.

Next I will be trying to wrangle him into the car, drop the Munchkin at the babysitters and then onto a piano stool.  Once on the stool, I will watch him play along with the class beautifully until the teacher comes within two metres of him when he will simply forget where the piano is.  Then when it is solo time I will watch as the teacher tries to encourage him to get up and take his turn, he wont.  He'll sing along with the song of the day, he'll dance and participate in the music theory session and of course he will have a ball with the percussion section of the class.  Basically my head will get to bursting point with frustration and I will have a headache for the rest of the day.  Ad don't make me even think about the Tuesdays when the munchkin has  to come along because I can't get a babysitter! *shudder*

Why do I take him you ask?

He wants to go!!  He gets so upset if I suggest we stop going.  He practices up a storm at home.  Loves the piano, at home.

When he went through that bad patch last term, he was still doing well at music class, then suddenly as everything else was returning to normal, he went off the rails at the keyboard.  Doesn't want an audience, but still wants to learn.

I can totally do without the stress but I am hoping it is just a rough patch and it will all be back to normal soon.  Puhhleeese!!??

Do you take your kids to an activity that literally gives you a headache every week?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Safety Measures in the House of O

I decided to be a bit serious and write a bit about what kind of things we do in the house of O to keep the boys safe in the big bad world.  Some of these things are as a direct result of situations that have come up in the last few years in our lives.  Although they are only young,  I hope that the strategies we have in place will evolve as they grow up and not make them fearful, just aware and empowered.  Well that's the plan anyway.  Only time will tell.  It probably sounds like I am a serious helicopter parent, but believe me I'm not.  This is just about giving them some tools to keep themselves safe in most cases.

The "They drive a white van" post over at Maxabella loves started me on this train of thought and after writing a fairly long comment on her blog post, I thought I would expand on it here in Glad Game land.  We may sound like we are over the top, but in fact I am a very laid back parent.  I like to give them the room to make their own mistakes and explore the world.  I never hover.  I don’t rush over when they fall over but I keep an eye on them, from a distance if possible.  I like them to feel independent and feel able to come to me and ask for help if they need it.  Unfortunately circumstances have made us have a “kidnap drill” for them but as it turns out, these days I feel it has been a positive thing.


I mentioned in my comment about doing kidnap drill. That's what the Workaholic and I refer to it as, but I 'm sure it has lots of other names, we didn't invent it, we just adapted it to suit our personal situation at the time. I think the idea was given to us originally by a bodyguard we had during the rough stuff (I know, I would never believe it if I hadn't lived with him in my house). He suggested we discuss a bunch of scenarios with the Little Man and settle on a best solution to each.

In our case we had reason to keep an eye out for kidnap. It had happened to people we knew and we were dealing with some pretty scary and totally unpredictable people at the time.

Back when we started these conversations/drills, I was pretty upset that my child was living this way, but it has really been a positive thing. We talk about everything. I am really careful to make sure he gets the answers he needs. I think it is really important to answer the questions he comes up with in an honest manner and the teacher in me tends to throw questions back at him. If he asks me why something happened a particular way, I ask him why he thinks it did and then what else could have happened if it had happened differently. Because he gets taken seriously and usually ends up with an answer, he talks to me all of the time.  I hope this is a habit he continues throughout his life.  I do notice how much more he asks me questions than the Workaholic.  I'd say this is because of a couple of reasons, firstly the Workaholic is partially deaf so it is sometimes very difficult to get his attention and secondly he doesn't engage in conversation, he just simply answers the question. I think the style of communication you have with your kids is key to keeping them safe. You want them to feel like they can come to you with anything.

Here is a scenario the Little Man and I discussed last week;

“You walk down the driveway to the mail box. A car pulls up and the man/woman in the car asks you a question and wants you to come closer to the car. What do you do?”

His solution was to start yelling out to myself or other adult at home with him, saying that there was "a man in a white car trying to talk to him" (his idea to describe the car) while already running back up the driveway, leaving the mail if it was going to slow him down.

I find with him it is best to include that last detail because if we don't mention that in this case, that the mail is less important than him being safe, he would not prioritise that himself in a real situation and would end up flustered and possibly delaying his flight up the driveway trying to hang onto the mail or stopping to pick it up.  One thing I have noticed about these scenarios is that instead of making him afraid of being in the front yard (which is what I feared would happen with a scenario like this one), he is quite happy to be out there. 

We have quite a few of these scenarios firmly explored and planted in his brain, just in case. Sometimes they come up because he sees something and asks me what he should do in that scenario.

Private Parts

From the beginning we have been clear with the boys about private and public body parts. They know very clearly who gets to see and touch what and they have also been taught the correct names for their private parts. I was recently astonished to read about some of the names that kids have been taught for their penis and vulva or vagina (I say both are OK as any adult knows what a vulva and vagina is). The one I am most disturbed by is "cupcake". If a little girl came up to you and told you that "Uncle Johnny touched her cupcake", what would you do? Nothing, I'm guessing. Very strange indeed! I think it is a very important thing for your child's security to call a penis a penis.


We have taught the Little Man our address and phone number EVERY time it has changed. He also knows about 000 and who he should approach if he is lost in a shopping centre (security and uniformed staff who we point out when we are there, every time). We also point out things like information booths and other "safe" landmarks.

When he is walking with me he holds onto a strap on the handle of the pram. We use a stretchy wrist strap with the wrist part attached to the pram so he can hold onto the handle loop. I started him on this as soon as he was old enough to walk. The Munchkin is now holding onto it when he is out of the pram too. It's a very simple but effective way to keep them with you in a crowd.

If we are going to an event like the Easter show or to the Zoo etc, I also always write my phone number on the inside of their arm AND I use the wrist ID tags from That's mine, it is probably overkill, but it makes me feel better. Another simple thing I do when we are going somewhere crowded is dress them in bright colours. We have a bright yellow Zoo T shirt that the Little Man happily don's for Zoo trips.  These simple things make it possible for me to feel pretty relaxed and I think that is important for them to also feel relaxed.  I want them to enjoy these sort of outings and me being tense and stressed is going to put everyone on edge and ruin the day.

What’s the Password?

Recently, we added a password to our security strategy.  It’s a word that anyone who has genuinely been sent by myself or the Workaholic to pick them up etc.  I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen since primary school and remembered it had been something that her family did and I thought could be handy for any family.

Her father was a prison officer and they had a family password.  They used it for identifying if a person was actually sent by their parents to pick them up and as a code for other situations, such as if an inmate had entered a restaurant where they were eating.  They had to leave in a certain way and meet in a particular place.  We don’t need that but I think a password is a great way for kids to make sure that the person picking them up really was sent by their parents.

So these are some of the things we do to help keep our kids safe and make them aware of and be involved in their own safety as they grow up.  Obviously, there are hundreds of other little everysday things, but these are the key ones as far as stranger danger goes.   I wish they were not necessary and  I hope we never have to use most of our scenarios in reality, but I do feel better knowing they are in place. 

What about you?  Do you have safety measures like in place?  Do you think they are necessary?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

How does using a meat thermometer reflect on me?

This is a funny little post about a funny little conversation I had with my Mum.

My Mum is an excellent cook.  She is an intuitive cook, which is quite the opposite of her rather extreme ISTJ personality.  Thinking about it my cooking style also differs quite radically from my personality type which is ENTP.  But I digress (nothing new there then...).

Anyway the conversation went something like this:

Mum- How long do you think I need to cook this piece of beef for?
Me- Use a meat thermometer.
Mum- I don't have a meat thermometer, I don't use a meat thermometer, they are for amateurs, I KNOW when meat is cooked. (this was pretty well screeched at me across the kitchen bench)
Me- Why ask me then, if you know when meat is cooked??

I found her attitude towards the humble meat thermometer rather ridiculous.  She was unimpressed that I finished the conversation by going back to the newspaper I was reading and chuckling quietly to myself.

image from here

I use a meat thermometer when I am roasting meat.  It idiot-proofs the process.   In fact I'd go as far as to say that I consider it a pretty useful little kitchen tool.  I have two.  Does this make me some kind of lessor cook?  Is my Mum a cooking snob?

What are your thoughts?

Saturday, 23 July 2011

This Week I'm Grateful for...

- The rain.  It has forced me into a delightfully lazy week.  The boys have done some amazing craft and indoor imagination games, together(!) and I have caught up recorded TV, paperwork, blog reading and lots of cat cuddles.  A pretty good week really.  If I can just scrape together two more days of meals from the pantry, I wont even need to go and get groceries either... Bliss.

- Scrapbooking.  I have taken some wacky photos lately, things that I would never have bothered with before, like the food on the table or the meat cooking in the pan, so I have some extra content on my scrapbook pages.  It has restarted my creative juices again and I am determined to finish the boys baby albums.  I keep stalling on their albums because I get sidetracked by other pages for our family albums.  With the Workaholic home later today for the rest of the weekend, I am going to set myself up in the bedroom and scrap away for a good chunk of the weekend.  I am determined to get at least one of their albums done this weekend.  A few weeks ago I went to an all day scrap with my SWANKY Gals (scrap group) but I spent the whole day doing the Little Mans 4th birthday and my God daughters baptism.

Here a some of the pages:

4th Birthday Morning - Presents

4th Birthday Evening - Cake

4th Birthday Party preparations - or just fooling around :)

Pirate Party!

Pirates Everywhere!

- Mother Nature grabbing hold of my plans and throwing them out the window.  I have been lamenting the fact that I can not get started on IVF because my body is not co-operating for months.  Yesterday it dawned on me that this was a positive thing.  With the Workaholic changing jobs and the general transitional feel in our lives at the moment, I don't think IVF is for now.  I probably would be just wasting an embryo if we did a frozen cycle now.  Mother Nature really knows best.  I'm going to listen to her.

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Things I Know... and a Flog... The Rain Edition

Joining in with Shae from Yay for Home! as well as Where's my Glow for Flog Ya Blog Friday again this week.

Just because I can...

It looks like a wet weekend in Sydney, so I plan to watch lots of TV and do lots of relaxing with the Workaholic and the boys.   Have a great weekend!

Sydney, where tonight every home has water views.

- It is raining.  A lot.  I did not leave the house yesterday, even to put out the garbage and today I only left to drop the Little Man off at Pre-school.  The boys have loved making up rainy day activities, so much so that the Little Man would have happily had another PJ day today.  I also have a tyre that needs changing, so I am worried about driving in the rain but I really didn't need an excuse to have a guilt free home day or two!
Dining room chair tent was an early arrival yesterday morning.
- There is a river running through my garage and down my driveway which is usual when it rains heavily.  Today however, it appears we have two separate rivers flowing out from under the garage door.  I am too scared to open the door and look in there.  Luckily we cleared out a lot of the collected clutter last weekend.
- The rain has led to my pantry and fridge being severely depleted.  I won't be able to put off shopping for much longer.  Unfortunately, I had planned this shop to be one where I physically go to the supermarket rather than order online.  I did start to order online but there are too many things on my list to trust to the homeshop picker.
- Cardboard Avon Delivery boxes are not rain proof, stoopid delivery man.  I know this and I'm fairly certain anyone with an IQ large enough to drive a delivery van, also knows this.  What's your excuse??  Luckily I didn't order stationery or brochures, so only a couple of sheets of paper were damaged.  But still, how hard is it to ring the doorbell of a house where someone is obviously home?
- The pilot light on the gas heater is not a fan of this crazy rain.  It went out on Wednesday night.  Then again sometime yesterday.  I am unable to get it going again as the rain is bucketing down so hard it just wont light.  I have run out of hot water and am really not sure when it will deign to light again.  The Workaholic keeps texting me to ask if I have it going yet, I have been wet enough today, so I've told him I'm leaving it to him...
- It is the wettest July in 61 years.  That is one really impressive statistic, especially with a bit over a week left of the month.  As of lunchtime today my suburb has had 102mm.  According to the Bureau of Meteorology this rain will continue until Monday.  A wet weekend ahead.
- Rain drops are different shapes depending on their size.  I'm impressed by this factoid, but I don't blame you if aren't!
Diagram showing that very small rain drops are almost spherical in shape. As drops become larger, they become flattened on the bottom, like a hamburger bun. Very large rain drops are split into smaller ones by air resistance which makes them increasingly unstable.
Image Source: wikipedia
- I love the sound of the rain on the corrugated roof of our back deck.  I've always had a soft spot for this sound.  I guess it is probably from spending so much time in a caravan as a child.  It is very soothing and I have no doubt it improves the quality of my sleep.  I am definitely one of those odd people who like rain and even find it relaxing.
- Gum boots always seem to be a silly purchase when I am buying them and it is of course a hot summer day, but I am so glad that I got myself some last year and that I updated the boys to bigger sized ones recently.  The boys got these from and have tall spotty ones from Target.
Fireman GumbootsPirate Gumboots
- I am enjoying the rain.  Are you in Sydney or its surrounds?  How are you finding the rain?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Monday, 18 July 2011

M&M's are Yummm...

I have a thing for M&M's.

My latest packet.  Yes it is a 200gram pack and no,
I didn't scoff the lot in one day.

They make me happy when I'm down.

I like the regular M&M's but I really LURVE the peanut ones.

I hate those crispy ones.  Ewwey! They do nothing for me.  There is just something wrong with the texture and the taste of these little disappointments.  It really erks me when they are in a bowl of mixed M&M's and I manage to pick up a crispy every time.

I like to eat my M&M's out of a bowl or container and by colour.  I know, what a freak, hey?  I eat the red ones first and the yellow ones or brown ones last.  The order in the middle changes based on the number of each colour present.  It's a complicated calculation and process that I simply would never be able to explain (and you, no doubt really don't care about anyway and in fact you are already wondering why you are reading this drivel to begin with...).

Obviously today I am finishing with the yellow ones...

The frst time I had M&M's is etched in my memory for all time.  I was 14.  It was May 1984.  The place was San Francisco.  We were on a boat to Alcatraz, as you do when you are a tourist.  There was a concession on the boat that sold soft drinks, tea and coffee and a small selection of lollies.  My eight year old brother and I decided to try these M&M's because the packet looked cool.  I remember walking back up on deck and eating them on the windy deck (I'm sure my parents have slides of us scoffing them down), then rushing back down to buy several more packets.  It was love at first bite! They were so exotic in there waxy little packets.

They were a real highlight of our three week west coast USA trip, them and my brother vomiting from excitement in the Disneyland carpark were probably two of the things we talked about most on our return to Australia!! Sorry Tourism California...

It was fabulous when they came to our shores.  I can't even begin to imagine how many I have consumed since 1984.  I don't think I want to.

Thank you M&M's for being my happy snack. 

Do you have a happy snack?  Does it have a story?


What a weird weekend!

We have a house inspection on Tuesday.  Due to our roller coaster ride with lunatic business partners and psycho clients we decided to sell up and rent in a new area about 4 years ago.  As a consequence we have moved a lot in that time.  A couple of times because of the loonies and worst of all, we had to leave the last two houses because at the end of the lease the owners decided to sell.  We are coming up to the end of yet another lease and now they have booked the inspection earlier than expected.  I'm worried.  Anyway, I digress...

The Workaholic has wanted to move as part of his "new life" crap changes and I have been totally against it, especially because we have only just settled the Little Man down after Miss S left the pre-school and he will have enough to deal with once school starts this year.  Also this house is owned by someone who lives overseas and we were told when we moved in that they were not planning to sell so we had some security until we can buy again and it's a great house that works well for us and is good value for money.  Anyway he has been so passive-aggressive towards this house over the past few weeks as I have stood my ground refusing to consider moving.  Stuff like cutting food directly on the kitchen bench, dropping mess on the floors and leaving garbage in the driveway and carport, white trash style.  I was amazed when during the week he said we could do a clear out and clean up on the weekend when I told him about the inspection, I really expected resistance to do anything.

Anyway the kids were packed off to my parents for a sleepover on Saturday afternoon and I rushed back home and he and I did a whirlwind declutter and clean up and then I thought it would be a marvelous opportunity to catch up with the Workaholic and sort out some "STUFF".

Nope.  We both fell asleep, him on the lounge, me in the bedroom.

Then I thought we could chat over dinner.

Nope.  He decided to eat in front of the TV.

Then I thought we would sort it out on Sunday morning.

Nope.  He got up and went out for the papers and coffee, I sorted washing.

Then suddenly, as I wanted to go over to my parents to have a late lunch before bring the boys home, he snaps into action, talking and bizarrely going around the house changing light globes.

Very odd.

Anyway we chatted the whole way across Sydney and sorted out quite a bit of the "STUFF" including not moving unless we have to.

Fingers crossed things really are settling down to a boring kind of NORMAL (whatever that is), in the house of O.

Friday, 15 July 2011

This Week I'm Grateful for...

- Heating.  Even I have felt the cold this week and I am so glad we have both gas heating in the living areas and the ducted A/C to warm up the bedrooms in the mornings.  I have mastered the timer and the A/C switches on about half an hour before the kids stir each morning. Bliss.

- Zoo Friends passes.  My fabulous Mum gives us memberships every year for Christmas.  I am a member and now the Little Man is a member and she gets us two guest passes as well so we can take friends with us or lend them out.  We get value for her money.  Usually we've made back their cost in savings on visits by February each year!  It really is the best way to do the Zoo because you can go for a quick trip or a lazy wander with no pressure to see everything and get value for your money.  I'm using them as much as possible this year before the Little Man starts school and we become much more restricted.

Can you beat this for a Zoo Location?

- Facebook.  Again I am feeling the Facebook love.  I just adore the ability to catch up with people I've lost contact with over the years.  At the moment I am yearning for a trip to W.A. to catch up IRL with two of my newly rediscovered friends.  I know that it gets bad press, but Facebook used properly is a GREAT thing for people of my age.  We left school and lost touch with some fabulous friends just because we went in different directions, there was no email or Internet then and in my case I am just not a phone person.

-  Paracetamol.  It's been my saviour this week.  For some reason I have had a headache off and on all week.  I'm so glad it is readily available, cheap and effective.

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Things I Know... and a Flog... The Sesame Street Edition

Joining in with Shae from Yay for Home! again this week as well as Where's my Glow for Flog Ya Blog Friday.

Just because I can...

Have a great weekend everyone!

- Sesame Street is AMAZING.  Thanks to a brother five years younger, a best friend with a sister 10 years our junior and my nephews and nieces aged 19 and downwards, I have spent pretty much the whole 40 years of my life watching Sesame Street.
The original cast
- It has been going since 1969 and is such a fabulous combination of the old and the new.  It's seriously timeless.  I loved it and now the Munchkin loves it. He has decided that Sesame Street is worth watching. It took 22 months for him to find TV remotely interesting and he loves the Street.
-  The Little Man takes great delight in singing along with the alphabet song and correcting the "Zee" to a "Zed", very loudly.
- Abby Cadabby drives me mental.  I don't know what it is but I swear she sends my blood pressure through the roof!!
- The Munchkin has taken Oscar the Grouch's "Mine-itis" to heart. He's been running around grabbing everything in sight and yelling MINE! at every opportunity.  Apparently it takes getting a Grouch to share to cure it... Hmmmmm.
I doubt that a kiss from Abby Cadabby would do it...
- Sesame Street is not a real street (Shock! Horror! Say it isn't so!). The Little Man announced this to me earlier in the week and proceeded to describe how he could tell and what the buildings and other props were probably made of.  This was followed the next day by an announcement that the introduction credits were all paper buildings, not real.  The Muppets have not been maligned, perhaps they are real...
- After watching various versions of the theme song and credits on You Tube, both the Little Man and I like the one from my childhood in the 1970's the best.
- Today I am in love with Plain White T's Song! Too cute and just one of the hundreds of mainstream celebrities, bands, actors, politicians etc who have appeared on the show.
- My favourite episodes are when the adult cast finally meet Snuffleupagus and discover that he was not a figment of Big Birds imagination (ep. 2096) and the episode where Big Bird learns about death when Mr Hooper dies (ep. 1839).

- This could be the worlds longest post if I went through all of the great things about Sesame Street, so I will stop here.  All the pictures are from
What are your memories of Sesame Street?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The English Language is Difficult..

I've been considering returning to University.  I started a masters (in adult educational psychology) before kids, but it no longer interests me, so I'm fairly certain I am not returning to it.  The course I am most interested in is Linguistics.  I loved these subjects in my Education degree and I know I will enjoy studying more in this area.  My problem is what will I do with it?  I really need something vocational as I am unlikely to return to my previous career when it comes time for me to return to work outside the home. 

I have been considering Speech Pathology.  I have a few Linguistic subjects to do to qualify for entry so it seems like things are coming together quite naturally.  I can start the Linguistics course I want to do, get back into studying, get the subjects I need to apply for Speech Pathology, as well as some breathing time to decide if that really is the path I want to follow.  Sounds simple enough.

It's not.

We are about to undergo IVF.  Will I even be able to study with a baby and a toddler at home and the Little Man in Kindergarten?  Am I rushing?  Should I wait until they are older?  Arrrghhh!

I am feeling the pressure to improve my employment prospects.  It really is difficult to drop out of the workforce to have children.  I am only now starting to truly understand that.  I have mentioned before that even if I want to return to my old job, I need to re-qualify at a certificate IV level, which annoys me so much I just don't want to do it.  I'd much rather study something new than go back and do something I have done previously, that someone decided to re-label and seems like a total waste of my time!

I am very interested in language.  Last week I posted this image on Facebook:

I had only one person comment.  It really made me laugh, I'm surprised that only one person commented.  Didn't anyone else get it?  It is a double whammy after all!  Or did they think I didn't get it and were embarrassed for me?  I'm fascinated.

What do you think?

Wordless Wednesday

One from a year ago:
I was laughing so hard, it's a bit out of focus.
Cousinly love...

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

This week I'm grateful for...


My beautiful babysitter, Miss S.  The very big positive from the awful circumstances of her getting sacked by the crazy, misguided and misinformed owner of the Little Man's pre-school, is that I can now utilise her magnificent powers over small children as my own personal babysitter.  In this instance to give myself 12+ splendiforous, uninterrupted hours of scrapbooking with my SWANKY Gals today.

Miss S got politicked out of the pre-school and they really made a big mistake about that.  The parents are not happy.  But luckily she found a new job straight away and it is a much better job with great prospects.  Of course I am so glad that she can babysit for me that I almost forgive them for making such a terrible mistake.  Not quite, but I am resolved to put my issues with the entire thing behind me.

Secondly and once again;

The Workaholics new job.  He has worked a lot of extra hours this week because his employer is going overseas today, but even so, I can already see his personality reasserting itself.  I had almost forgotten who he really is!!  With the Little Man being off the rails, I had almost not noticed that the man I have loved for almost 25 years had been missing for quite a while, bogged down under work and family pressures (his siblings not us in this case).  Welcome back!

And Finally;

The one I feel most glad and grateful about right now, the Little Man has returned.  The best thing is I have seen it happening over the last week, but it was brilliant to have three other people I love comment on it too.  Love you Little Man!

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