Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Little Man looks after Mummy

Today I just could not get up.  I was up at 3 vomiting for Australia and then again at 6.  I just couldn't cope with getting up and cooking the promised pancake breaky.

Luckily the Little Man took charge.

He got everything out for breakfast, I went out there for all of about 5 minutes, poured milk into cups and cereal bowls, cut up some fruit, mumbled that if I felt better they could have pancakes for lunch and returned to my bed.

He put the dishes in the sink when they were finished, helped the Munchkin down from his chair and set up a playlist of Neverland Pirates episodes for them to watch.  A bit later he came in and said "Mummy don't worry," I start freaking out, wondering what has happened, "if you are still sick you don't need to get up and make pancakes for lunch, we can eat fruit and crackers."

I thought, "How sweet is that?" 

And then, "Now I really have to make those damn pancakes!"

My pancakes did not look anything like this today...

After I had made the pancakes, they had eaten them and were doing their best to tip over the swing set and I was tentatively sipping a cup of coffee, I realised that they were both dressed and wearing shoes!  It turns out the 4 year old had taken charge and helped his 23 month old brother choose clothes and put them on.  He then went and found his shoes and helped him into them too.  Not only that but he had put all of the dirty pyjamas into the laundry!

How to make self sufficient kids?  Be a deadbeat Mum and sleep till lunch time!

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  1. What a gorgeous big boy you have? I love (and dread!) those moments when I suddenly realise how grown up and independent my kids are becoming. Hope you are feeling better...


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