Monday, 18 July 2011

M&M's are Yummm...

I have a thing for M&M's.

My latest packet.  Yes it is a 200gram pack and no,
I didn't scoff the lot in one day.

They make me happy when I'm down.

I like the regular M&M's but I really LURVE the peanut ones.

I hate those crispy ones.  Ewwey! They do nothing for me.  There is just something wrong with the texture and the taste of these little disappointments.  It really erks me when they are in a bowl of mixed M&M's and I manage to pick up a crispy every time.

I like to eat my M&M's out of a bowl or container and by colour.  I know, what a freak, hey?  I eat the red ones first and the yellow ones or brown ones last.  The order in the middle changes based on the number of each colour present.  It's a complicated calculation and process that I simply would never be able to explain (and you, no doubt really don't care about anyway and in fact you are already wondering why you are reading this drivel to begin with...).

Obviously today I am finishing with the yellow ones...

The frst time I had M&M's is etched in my memory for all time.  I was 14.  It was May 1984.  The place was San Francisco.  We were on a boat to Alcatraz, as you do when you are a tourist.  There was a concession on the boat that sold soft drinks, tea and coffee and a small selection of lollies.  My eight year old brother and I decided to try these M&M's because the packet looked cool.  I remember walking back up on deck and eating them on the windy deck (I'm sure my parents have slides of us scoffing them down), then rushing back down to buy several more packets.  It was love at first bite! They were so exotic in there waxy little packets.

They were a real highlight of our three week west coast USA trip, them and my brother vomiting from excitement in the Disneyland carpark were probably two of the things we talked about most on our return to Australia!! Sorry Tourism California...

It was fabulous when they came to our shores.  I can't even begin to imagine how many I have consumed since 1984.  I don't think I want to.

Thank you M&M's for being my happy snack. 

Do you have a happy snack?  Does it have a story?


  1. I love M&M's too!

    But I love starburst! There is nothing not to love about starburst :) I also LOVE gaytime icecreams!


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