Saturday, 23 July 2011

This Week I'm Grateful for...

- The rain.  It has forced me into a delightfully lazy week.  The boys have done some amazing craft and indoor imagination games, together(!) and I have caught up recorded TV, paperwork, blog reading and lots of cat cuddles.  A pretty good week really.  If I can just scrape together two more days of meals from the pantry, I wont even need to go and get groceries either... Bliss.

- Scrapbooking.  I have taken some wacky photos lately, things that I would never have bothered with before, like the food on the table or the meat cooking in the pan, so I have some extra content on my scrapbook pages.  It has restarted my creative juices again and I am determined to finish the boys baby albums.  I keep stalling on their albums because I get sidetracked by other pages for our family albums.  With the Workaholic home later today for the rest of the weekend, I am going to set myself up in the bedroom and scrap away for a good chunk of the weekend.  I am determined to get at least one of their albums done this weekend.  A few weeks ago I went to an all day scrap with my SWANKY Gals (scrap group) but I spent the whole day doing the Little Mans 4th birthday and my God daughters baptism.

Here a some of the pages:

4th Birthday Morning - Presents

4th Birthday Evening - Cake

4th Birthday Party preparations - or just fooling around :)

Pirate Party!

Pirates Everywhere!

- Mother Nature grabbing hold of my plans and throwing them out the window.  I have been lamenting the fact that I can not get started on IVF because my body is not co-operating for months.  Yesterday it dawned on me that this was a positive thing.  With the Workaholic changing jobs and the general transitional feel in our lives at the moment, I don't think IVF is for now.  I probably would be just wasting an embryo if we did a frozen cycle now.  Mother Nature really knows best.  I'm going to listen to her.

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  1. Good on you for listening to your body. You have two beautiful babies. And perhaps the third one can wait until the stress levels steady out.

    Good on you for playing the glad game!



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