Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The English Language is Difficult..

I've been considering returning to University.  I started a masters (in adult educational psychology) before kids, but it no longer interests me, so I'm fairly certain I am not returning to it.  The course I am most interested in is Linguistics.  I loved these subjects in my Education degree and I know I will enjoy studying more in this area.  My problem is what will I do with it?  I really need something vocational as I am unlikely to return to my previous career when it comes time for me to return to work outside the home. 

I have been considering Speech Pathology.  I have a few Linguistic subjects to do to qualify for entry so it seems like things are coming together quite naturally.  I can start the Linguistics course I want to do, get back into studying, get the subjects I need to apply for Speech Pathology, as well as some breathing time to decide if that really is the path I want to follow.  Sounds simple enough.

It's not.

We are about to undergo IVF.  Will I even be able to study with a baby and a toddler at home and the Little Man in Kindergarten?  Am I rushing?  Should I wait until they are older?  Arrrghhh!

I am feeling the pressure to improve my employment prospects.  It really is difficult to drop out of the workforce to have children.  I am only now starting to truly understand that.  I have mentioned before that even if I want to return to my old job, I need to re-qualify at a certificate IV level, which annoys me so much I just don't want to do it.  I'd much rather study something new than go back and do something I have done previously, that someone decided to re-label and seems like a total waste of my time!

I am very interested in language.  Last week I posted this image on Facebook:

I had only one person comment.  It really made me laugh, I'm surprised that only one person commented.  Didn't anyone else get it?  It is a double whammy after all!  Or did they think I didn't get it and were embarrassed for me?  I'm fascinated.

What do you think?


  1. I find it hilarious!!! Not sure why others wouldn't comment, maybe they didn't realise where the mistakes were :( As sad as it is, people that can spell properly seem to be becoming a minority...

  2. Surely others 'got it'?... Although I am a self-confessed member of the 'word police'... lol

    Words and language fascinate me too... and I'm studying post-grad business - go figure!

  3. DO you know I only noticed the "too" this morning! I'm soooo clever, I out did myself!

    @SaraMG - I seriously think they were embarrassed for me (well I hope that was it!).

    @Lisa - just you and my friend Cass... Maybe we are just too nerdy!

  4. You know I think a lot of people wouldn't have actually realised there/their/they're was anything wrong with it lol!!!

  5. Crap Mama - sadly I think your are correct!


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