Friday, 29 July 2011

Reality Check

Magdalena over at The Craft Revival has grabbed me this afternoon with her "unworthy-of-a-magazine-shoot life" photos on her reality is... post.  I looked around my bedroom and decided to join in!

Today I have not made my bed.  This is not a common occurence.  I love to get up and make my bed every morning.  It makes the room instantly tidier and motivates me to get on with my day.  Today, though, Marilla was already curled up and as she is so old and today sounds as if she is getting pnuemonia, I did not have the heart to boot her off.

I would however, draw you attention to the very normal state of my bedside table. It pretty much looks like this all the time.

Miss Kitty and the unmade bed

Next I swung around and took a shot of the crib in the corner.  This is also known as the elephant in the room here in the house of O.  It was returned by my cousin quite a few months ago.  It has not moved since.  Often it is empty for a short while but not today!  I don't want  to store it in the garage as we have a river that runs through there when it rains and I am hoping to need it again soon.  The Workaholic wants it gone.  Anyway I squeeze past it every time I enter and exit the room and it has become a convenient spot to drop stuff.

I am especially liking the garbage bag ties hanging out and
the plush toy on the floor in the doorway.

Next I took a wee wander down the hall to The Little Man's room.  To discover this:

Unmade bed - I just haven't been in there today as
he had PJ day at Pre-School...  No, really!

This is supposed to be a full bookcase. Usually the books are on the floor.
I'm not sure where they are today, but I am liking his accessorising,
especially the green floatee - I have no idea where that came from!

Normally I would expect to see the Mickey Canvas (on the floor in the
previous photo), the bookends (with a set of Disney readers in them) and
the Mickey clock...
Now, if the Munchkin was not asleep, I could show you my REAL dirty secret... Luckily for me he is!  I'll save that for another day.

I am actually pretty OK with the rest of the house today.  It seems the bedrooms are todays unworthy of a magazine shoot rooms!

Now click over to The Craft Revival and see the reality of some other brave bloggers!

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  1. Thanks for playing along and being brave enough to post your photos!


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