Monday, 18 July 2011


What a weird weekend!

We have a house inspection on Tuesday.  Due to our roller coaster ride with lunatic business partners and psycho clients we decided to sell up and rent in a new area about 4 years ago.  As a consequence we have moved a lot in that time.  A couple of times because of the loonies and worst of all, we had to leave the last two houses because at the end of the lease the owners decided to sell.  We are coming up to the end of yet another lease and now they have booked the inspection earlier than expected.  I'm worried.  Anyway, I digress...

The Workaholic has wanted to move as part of his "new life" crap changes and I have been totally against it, especially because we have only just settled the Little Man down after Miss S left the pre-school and he will have enough to deal with once school starts this year.  Also this house is owned by someone who lives overseas and we were told when we moved in that they were not planning to sell so we had some security until we can buy again and it's a great house that works well for us and is good value for money.  Anyway he has been so passive-aggressive towards this house over the past few weeks as I have stood my ground refusing to consider moving.  Stuff like cutting food directly on the kitchen bench, dropping mess on the floors and leaving garbage in the driveway and carport, white trash style.  I was amazed when during the week he said we could do a clear out and clean up on the weekend when I told him about the inspection, I really expected resistance to do anything.

Anyway the kids were packed off to my parents for a sleepover on Saturday afternoon and I rushed back home and he and I did a whirlwind declutter and clean up and then I thought it would be a marvelous opportunity to catch up with the Workaholic and sort out some "STUFF".

Nope.  We both fell asleep, him on the lounge, me in the bedroom.

Then I thought we could chat over dinner.

Nope.  He decided to eat in front of the TV.

Then I thought we would sort it out on Sunday morning.

Nope.  He got up and went out for the papers and coffee, I sorted washing.

Then suddenly, as I wanted to go over to my parents to have a late lunch before bring the boys home, he snaps into action, talking and bizarrely going around the house changing light globes.

Very odd.

Anyway we chatted the whole way across Sydney and sorted out quite a bit of the "STUFF" including not moving unless we have to.

Fingers crossed things really are settling down to a boring kind of NORMAL (whatever that is), in the house of O.

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