Saturday, 23 April 2011

This week I'm Glad for...

Long weekends (of course).

The Salvos Store.  I just sent four big tubs of toys to them and the playroom is almost manageable again (well, the floor is mostly visible).  The Salvos are brilliant actually.  I used to give all my charity items to St Vinnies, but they overprice everything and I felt they were trying to profit from my goods rather than helping out those who need inexpensive items.  The Salvos seem to do it right.

Go Salvos!

Maxabella Loves is not Linking up this week - Happy Easter!  Feel free to leave any grateful links in my comments for others to link up. My Little Drummer Boys has done the same if you want to click over for a look.


  1. I love the Salvos too.
    I met someone (12yrs ago mind you) who worked at a Vinnes and she mentioned all the good stuff & brand names she was able to 'get' her sons (maybe she paid something).
    I had my IVF twins just a week shy of my 40th birthday. Good luck on your journey to #3.
    I love the name of your blog.

  2. I have even more for them after this weekend. I read some of your IVF stuff on your blog. I'm considering using both of my remaining frozen embryos in one go. I don't know if I can handle twins though!


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