Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Today was a good day!

There are so many possibilities for a day to be a good one.

There are days that are good right from the moment you open your eyes.

There are days that are average and then suddenly something so great happens it becomes an instant good day.

There are days that seem really mundane and appear to have no chance of improving then at the end of the day you realise that it turned out to in fact, be a really good day.

Today was one of these.

On the surface it seemed like a routine Tuesday.  I am on the tail end of the flu, and I mean the flu, not some wimpy Man-Cold, I've been bed ridden for a couple of days with full blown fevers, headache, earache, blocked but still dripping at the same time swollen nose and every muscle aching.  So any kind of obligation other than sitting in front of the TV represented a bad day for me!

It was the normal morning routine, followed by getting the Munchkin into the right frame of mind to go to his less preferred babysitter while the Little Man and I go to piano lessons and I go into battle to get him to play while the teacher is standing anywhere near him (a recent development I am hoping will magically vanish by the beginning of term 3).  Then over to his Speech Pathology session to work on saying Lion instead of Yion and Yellow instead of yeyow.  A quick dash into the Supermarket and back to feed the babysitter and our combined hoard of children a simple, healthy lunch while she and I catch up on the gossip and finally home for a late afternoon nap, playtime, dinner and bed.

It wasn't until I spoke to my Mum on the phone this evening I realised how this seemingly ordinary day that I had dreaded had actually turned out to be a small ray of sunshine in my week.

Firstly the Munchkin did not spend two hours bawling for Mum as he normally has when I have left him there before, secondly I did not do battle with the Little Man.  I decided not to bother.  In a moment of pure genius I decided that I would totally ignore his behaviour and hope he would deal with whatever is going on in his head by himself.  He still didn't play when the teacher was standing by him but he sang and participated in the rest of the class. A noticeable improvement.

Thirdly, he boisterously participated in his Speech session.  She paced it to suit him - fast.  Afterwards, while he played with the Camelot castle they have and that he adores, she told me that she is impressed with his intelligence and inquisitiveness and told me that she has decided to ignore any of his bad behaviour (Like minds!) and move quickly through the exercises to keep him from boredom.  I had a giggle because he is shaping us as such a mini-me as far as learning styles go.  She then warned me that he would probably have a hard time finding teachers to accommodate this learning style, keeping him occupied rather than becoming bored and disruptive. Errrhum.  Me! I explained how he has had me worried about school choice for this exact reason.  I also explained that I had begun to doubt my judgment because the Pre-school have basically labelled him as a problem.  Validation!

The rest of the day was quite normal, then I opened my email.  Pre-school Parent Survey Day! Yee Hah!!!

I told them exactly how I felt and how he had been assessed as NORMAL or ABOVE AVERAGE in everything and how annoyed I am about them labelling him and forcing me to take him for these assessments, how I'm still so disappointed in them for sacking the teacher who was best for him (and in my opinion the pre-school).  I slammed all the problems and managed to praise them on some things they do really well.  I was very satisfied with my responses to the questions.

It was while I was talking to my Mother I realised how all of my responses to the survey had been exactly what they should have been because I had had such a good day!  The events of today had clarified my thoughts, reinforced my opinions and pulled all the strands into a neat bow.

I feel like I had a small victory for my son.

Today was a GOOD day!

How was yours?

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