Tuesday, 14 June 2011

To clean or not to clean...

It seemed like a fabulous idea to cancel the Cleaner for the holiday Monday.

How could it not be? We were home and would have been in his way and he would have been in ours as we slobbed around on the lounge.  Most of all it would be $80 unspent.  In this month of no income while the Workaholic is between jobs, that can only be a good thing.

Unfortunately I forgot to account for a few factors;

1. The Workaholic and the boys and the mess that only they can make,
2. The fact that even though they make this mess, none of them feel any way inclined or obliged to assist in cleaning it up,
3. This week I am insanely busy.

Now I am left with a filthy kitchen floor (luckily the Workaholic did load the dishwasher last night in a very uncharacteristic helpful moment), the playroom is a disaster zone and the bathrooms are just foul.  I have no time to rectify the situation as my entire week is chock full of appointments.

I'm psyching myself up to at least wash the floors before the boys wake from their nap, but I doubt I am going to get to it, I'm so tired from the morning session with them.

It's Tuesday, that means Piano at 10am, which is bad enough as I have to drop the Munchkin off to a babysitter in tears, drive to the lesson and look for parking followed by walking down to the lesson, in the rain today.  The lesson itself has a few challenges lately also.  The Little Man is having a "no performing in public" period.  This is week 3.  It's very stressful.  I know how much he loves the lesson and how much practice he puts in at home, I have been spending the entire lesson trying to get him to play his solo or even just to play while the teacher is at his end of the room! Arrrgh!

Today we had the extra pressure of an O/T session just after lunch and I knew I couldn't get a babysitter for the Munchkin, so it was a session of bribing the Little Man to go along with the lovely Roslyn and distracting the Munchkin from trying to distract the Little Man.  Double Arrrgh!

On a positive note he scored well in his assessment last week even though he was very uncooperative.  She is less worried about his behaviour today.  Her thinking now is that he is a very strong willed personality and so we are working around that to improve the couple of areas he is weak in, such as pencil grip and using scissors.  We got him to use scissors today (he usually refuses) by getting him to make his own jigsaw puzzle.  He was fantastic, so determined to make is own puzzle, it completely slipped his mind that he 'can't' use scissors.

The rest of the week is just as crazy, with Gymbaroo, Avon Sales meeting, Swimming lessons and Speech Pathology.

I suspect I will plan to be out of the house for the entire weekend and leave the cleaning to the Cleaner next Monday. 

Or it that just too lazy?

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