Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Been Mentally AWOL this week

But I am back!

I started selling Avon a couple of months ago, via a very odd set of coincidences and my first 2 campaigns led to pretty good sales without me doing too much about it.  I mean I'm not going to get rich off it but I will get my own products for a cheaper price and have found a few friends who love the stuff and even picked up a couple of customers via brochure drops.

Anyway the current campaign finishes tomorrow and I suddenly realised on Thursday evening that I had not done a thing about distributing the brochure or even delivering a couple of the last campaigns orders, so I had no orders!  The weather and my mood had really conspired against me doing any kind of sales techniques to find new business.  So I sat down and sorted the brochures into bags with an order form and filled in the day I would pick and when the brochure was valid till and then on Friday the Munchkin and I did a drop in one single street in my territory.  I felt much more positive about myself for going for the walk and for doing something to seek sales.  Anyway the Little Man, the Munchkin and I walked around and picked up the brochures yesterday and alas no orders but in the mean time I had managed to deliver the orders I had here and each of these customers had given me orders for the current campaign.  I have just done a preliminary order and amazingly even with my brain and the weather conspiring against me, I have managed to increase my sales again!

It's given me the mental pick me up I needed.  Now obviously the gorgeous Sydney winter weather has helped, but it has really made me remember that I need to get off my butt and make things happen.

I've made lots of plans for the rest of the week.  Let's see just how I go!!

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  1. Sorry to hear you haven't been having the best of times.
    Good news on increasing sales. I usually forget to even look if someone leaves a catalogue in my letterbox.
    I'll think more carefully about the person who leave sit next time.
    At least you get good exercise too.


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