Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Wicked Witch of Eastern Road

I have issues with Director at my son's pre-school, I'm pretty hard to upset and I find so few people this annoying that I can count them on one hand.  It's an exclusive club, the Sam-O can't stand you Club. 

It started right at the beginning of the year and ramped up around the time of the Missing Teacher.  I had my say and things calmed down for a while, but today she managed to derail my entire day.

This week the Little Man has been more difficult and stubborn than usual.  He wouldn't play his solo or participate in the farewell song at his Piano lesson which is unheard of because he LOVES piano lessons.  It follows on from back chat and general disobedience that we had to endure on the weekend.  The Workaholic and I have discussed moving him back to two separated days of pre-school from the the three running days he has been doing since the beginning of the year.  I found out last week that they haven't been doing their school prep work every day and this was after I brought up my concerns about his inability to hold a pencil correctly with his teacher and she told me she would work with him daily at school prep time!  Another reason for the change is that he and his best mate have become really rough with each other during play time since the Missing Teacher left and I think it would be better for the Little Man, at least to have a little separation.

When I dropped him off this morning the Director was available (she usually has her door closed) so I decided to discuss the change with her.  I didn't get as far as my concerns regarding rough play.  As soon as I mentioned that I was thinking of reducing him back to two days she drops into the conversation that he really should get referred to an Occupational Therapist.  This is a typical communication with this woman!  She just comes out with surprise comments and blindsides you.  It's insane.  I was thrown completely off balance and didn't get out half of what I was intending to say (also very unusual for me).

I am not adverse to having an Occupational Therapy assessment for him.  He was a premmie and he is struggling with fine motor skills lately.  He can't hold a pencil.  Seconds after he is shown how and his fingers are positioned, he has completely forgotten where they should be.  He can't undo or do up buttons and we have been working on this for at least two years!!  I'm sure the assessment and some OT will be beneficial.  It's just the way she says these things!

I drifted foggily out of her office and collected the Munchkin from the kitchen where he takes up residence each morning, got into my car, opened an envelope I had picked up from the Little Man's pigeon hole, freaked out more, because it was his speech pathologist assessment and it was unexpectedly not good, then drove almost blindly the 25 minutes to Gymbaroo.

The speech assessment was terrible.  I have no doubt it is about 10% correct as yes, he does say 'y' instead of 'l' (yion instead of lion).  The rest is him being stubborn and refusing to go along with the Renfrew test.  Usually I would have had a bit of a giggle about the stubborn little bugger but the Wicked Witch had rendered me incapable of finding anything funny today.

This really has reinforced my doubts about sending the Munchkin there when he is old enough.  I know through unofficial sources that the Director who is on maternity leave is not returning and I just don't think I can stand having this girl in charge.  I mean she broke her leg doing something stupid on a motorbike while drunk, that so doesn't instill any faith in her.

Anyway in my Witch induced funk today, I decided to be pro active so I rang up the paediatric therapy people and made appointments for a full speech assessment and an OT assessment.  $325 later and I will have the moral high ground (if his assessments come out OK of course) in my next scuffle, battle, conversation with her.

It amazes me how a single person can make such a difference to my mood and entire day.  I prefer it when I don't see her at drop off and pick up, I usually avoid even exchanging pleasantries with her if possible.  This is so unusual for me.  I'm friendly.  I have no problems getting along with people.  It takes a huge amount to annoy me.  She just gets under my skin.


  1. I think this woman would rattle my cage too! Any consolation my little Miss had great difficulties with fine motor skills. All came together at about 4.5 years and made leaps and bounds since then! Big Hugs to you xxx

  2. Thanks. I suspect it will all come together for him over the next six months. He's determined to be allowed to start school and he is aware he has to be able to hold his pencil properly because the schools visited the preschool and told them all what they need to be able to do to start Kindergarten. OT can only help! Sx


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