Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Playtex delivery arrived!

If you have discovered Playtex Coolster cups then you know my joy.

For those of you who haven't, they are the only cups that don't leak EVER. My four year old has been taking a Playtex cup of water to bed since he was old enough to ask for a drink and we have never had a leak.

I discovered them by chance.  I was given a stage 1 cup in a baby hamper when the Little Man was born.  I threw it in the cupboard and forgot about it until I was struggling with leaking cups and tried it.  I was amazed and at that stage Big W and Coles stocked them.  Neither do now though.  I passed my discovery on to a couple of friends and a few others had already made the discover themselves.

It drives me mad that Playtex cups and baby products are almost impossible to buy in Australia.  Don't get me started on spare parts... Grrrrrr. 

I contacted the Australian distributor direct and had no joy.  So I took the matter into my own hands.  I asked my friends if they were interested in splitting the freight and ordering from the US.  The freight to Australia is REALLY over priced on their website, but the product is sooooo much cheaper.  I then negotiated the freight price down and with the AU$ being so high (it went through at $1.10 so it was an automatic discount), it worked out cheaper than buying locally, if of course the products had been available here in the first place.

Sorting the order in progress!

Now I have this fabulous contact in their Customer Service department, she was so helpful.  I will probably do it again around Christmas for replacement parts and Christmas presents.  I'm happy to cut you in if you are in Sydney.  Their site is  Leave me a comment and I'll email you when I am doing the next order.

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  1. That is quite an order! A great idea to join forces with friends to cut costs and reduce freight (better for the environment too). Enjoy your purchase x


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