Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Playroom reorganisation as a way to keep warm on a cold wet rainy day.
We are all very happy with the outcome.
I have promises to "keep it tidy, everyday, forever"

I'm joining in with My Little Drummer Boys & faith hope and a whole lotta love for Wordless Wednesday.

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  1. Oh i hear that little saying to often lol

  2. Good luck with that!! hehe!! I wish we had a playroom. The bedroom and lounge room look like bombs have hit them! At least the bedroom I can shut the door! :)

  3. Oh come to my house! :) New follower :) Glad to have found you :)

  4. I would kill for storage like that for the toys!!!

  5. Looks like a great space. They must have lots of fun playing there :)

  6. Wow, looks great. I was usually pretty good at keeping things tidy. My sister not so much - but guess who still had to help tidy up? Yes, me, ha ha!

  7. We have a playroom where I nanny - I love it, but it sure keeps me busy! :)

  8. Hi all! Thanks for the comments. I like order, but it has been slipping quite badly in the playroom since the Munchkin arrived.

    I have a playroom because I want sleep to be the only activity that happens in the bedroom while they are young. I can also watch them while doing other things if they are contained! :P

    We have been lucky to have an area that can be a dedicated playroom in our last 4 houses. At one house it was in the kitchen (it was a large kitchen).

    Shelley - it has an underlying order, things have their places but visitors usually put things in the wrong places. Grrrr.

    Leah - Ikea. Cheap. I also bought them when they were on super sale. It does take maintaining though. We replace some plastic 'drawers' each time we visit Ikea.

  9. I love the organisation shelving you have. Long may you be able to keep it tidy

  10. he looks like he is very busy come over to my blog at I shared a pic of my prince and princess

  11. I love your 25 box Ikea - we just have 16 x 2 (one for each bedroom)
    A playroom is a fab idea.
    Our boxes are broken too :(.

    (Thanks for linking up. Just catching up on WW today because we had to travel and other mundane stuff.)


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