Friday, 10 June 2011

This week I'm Glad...

Firstly, that I am a basically happy and positive person.

It has been a couple of very difficult weeks in the house of O.  I'm so glad that my baseline is happy or you would find me in a corner blubbering incoherently right now.  I must say though, that every time we come through a patch like this I realise what a good tight unit we are.  I know we somehow manage to get through the bad stuff and come out still smiling.

Secondly, I am so Glad that my Aunt is down from Queensland on a quick visit. We have all missed her since she moved up there to Banana Bender country in November.  The boys are so excited to see her.  She was always my favourite Aunty growing up.  It's great that they love her just as much.  She is Graunty Lennie to them. Which is so cute.  It's because the Little Man worked out that she is Nanna's sister which makes her a Grand Aunty because Nana is a Grand Mother.  Logical.  Especially if you are 4!

Thirdly, I'm so Glad I got the Little Man assessed this week (Occupational Therapist for fine motor skills especially pencil grip and Speech Pathologist because his pre-school screening was less than stellar).  I'm relieved that he only has a couple of minor things that were not age appropriate and am told a couple of half hour sessions will be all he needs to be school ready.

Finally, I am so Glad that all of the kerfuffle over the Little Man has made me decide to drop a pre-school day, back to two days a week and use the extra day for a play date, trips to the zoo or aquarium and just spend some fun unstructured time with him.

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  1. Sometimes less is more. Hope the stress is no more.


  2. I love that! Graunty. So stealing it for the grand aunties in my children's lives! You have made me think that maybe I should have Doo Dah screened for school readiness? Is that what people do??? I have been reading and he seems okay to me, but maybe I should check? Good luck with the OT and SP x

  3. I love it when kids name their relatives! Graunty Lennie is gorgeous.

  4. Hope the new plan goes well. Happy Long weekend!


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