Friday, 17 June 2011

ET on Steroids was really what I needed

After a very frustrating week, where it appeared nothing could go right, I had a surprisingly mellow day today.

I forced myself to keep the movie date I had with the Workaholic last night.  I didn't want to go.  I was so over it all I just wanted to get into my bed and sleep.  I gave myself a mental face slap, had a shower, put the Munchkin to bed, fed the babysitter and dragged the Workaholic out for dessert and a movie.

As I sat across from him and the black cloud over his head, nursing my cappuccino, I had second thoughts.  The moody silence, weird middle ground staring and that black cloud were almost enough to send me screaming back to the car and speeding home.  I made a massive effort to engage him and finally got him to join me in this physical plane and we wandered down to see Super 8.

Well, I had no expectations as I hadn't even seen a preview, but figured it would be a safe bet as I really love the stuff that JJ Abrams does and of course Spielberg was involved.

I didn't expect it to suck me in.  I was truly terrified, exhilarated but definitely terrified.

Goodbye crap week, you are just a distant memory to me now!  I was transported to Ohio in 1979.

I'm not a movie reviewer but I really enjoyed this Homage to Spielberg.  That's what it is, ET on steroids.

Anyway, even though it meant that I came home and just could not get to sleep because my head was still in 1979 Ohio, it recharged my batteries in a big way.

I slept in this morning but somehow managed to get both boys ready and out the door in under half an hour.  Magical feat.  It is usually an hour and a half at least!!  I took the Little Man to School and the Munchkin to swimming lessons and spent the rest of the day doing some paperwork and playing with the Munchkin.

I'm Glad I saw this movie with no expectations and at such a low. It picked me right up and made me appreciate this lovely mellow day I had today.

It's simple days like this that somehow manage to completely wipe away the memory of the truly awful ones for me.

Thank you JJ Abrams.


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