Friday, 1 April 2011

This week I'm Grateful for...


I've been worried about the husband of a friend (Varying degrees of bad news), who is also the father of the Little Man's best friend.  The news has been upgraded to hopeful.  Hopeful is always a good way to be.

It has really had me down in the dumps.  Today, I started to pick myself up and drag my butt out of the hole I've been wallowing in for 2 weeks and just be Glad that there is hope for him and his family and that my own family are all healthy.

Thanks to Maxabella for hosting the weekly grateful post. Check out her blog for her own grateful post and more posts by other bloggers.


  1. Sam, there is always hope to be grateful for. Godspeed to your friend. x

  2. Hope is always good... Hope things get better.


  3. Sending wishes for your friend's husband, my post for Grateful is a little similiar, feeling very flat for friends messing with cancer, horrible. Love Posie

  4. hope is a powerful thing! blessings to your friend and her husband xx

  5. Thanks everyone. Posie, exactly how I feel. Sx


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