Friday, 1 April 2011

High Fructose Corn Syrup is invading everything

Sweetener, thickener
Corn syrup, which consists mostly of dextrose, is a sweet, thick liquid made by treating cornstarch with acids or enzymes. It may be dried and used as corn syrup solids in coffee whiteners and other dry products. Corn syrup contains no nutritional value other than calories, promotes tooth decay, and is used mainly in foods with little intrinsic nutritional value.
It's everywhere.  I can't get away from it.  They've taken the sucrose out of Arnotts biscuits and replaced it with Corn Syrup.  Now they taste like any other P.O.S. Biccie.  My consumption of Arnotts has declined to practically zero since this happened. SO disappointing.

I've discovered that the Little Man goes birko if he eats or drinks some things labeled citric acid.  Often this is the only additive. It had me perplexed for quite a while, I mean citric acid comes from citrus fruit, doesn't it?  Ummm Nooooo.  Apparently not necessarily.  Those "amazing" Americans have now perfected making it from the by-products of producing Corn syrup...

Yep it's a processed product of a processed by-product of something disgusting in the first place!! 

Oh, and they just label it 330 - EITHER way!  It is not a requirement to differentiate between the processed from citrus type and the processed from a processing by-product of a processed nasty...

In the U.S., High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is among the sweeteners that have primarily replaced sucrose (table sugar). Factors for this include governmental production quotas of domestic sugar, subsidies of U.S. corn, and an import tariff on foreign sugar; all of which combine to raise the price of sucrose to levels above those of the rest of the world, making HFCS less costly for many sweetener applications. Critics of the extensive use of HFCS in food sweetening argue that the highly processed substance is more harmful to humans than regular sugar, contributing to weight gain by affecting normal appetite functions, and that in some foods HFCS may be a source of mercury, a known neurotoxin.

Needless to say I have become one of those number watching Mums and I am trying (believe me it's hard work) to avoid Corn Syrup in it regular and High Fructose incarnations.  It's extremely difficult though.  The more our food is made overseas the less control we have over the contents.

My Gran was from Sugarcane country and had lots of relatives in the industry, used to say "Have sugar in your tea - support your family".  I say eat sugar not icky corn syrup!!

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  1. OMG, I had no idea that even 330 came from it! I'm one of those label reading mothers, I hardly buy anything from a packet but if I do I have to be careful with ingredients. And I honestly thought that 330 was ok... now that would explain why I had a kid going crazy after some fruit juices that had no colours/flavours etc, they had the wretched 330!

    I'll be even more vigilant now, thanks for sharing!


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