Thursday, 7 April 2011

Not all Older People have forgotten what it's like to parent young kids...

Crap Mamma reminded me of this incident and I thought I'd share.

Recently I had an old lady come up to me while I was having a coffee at Donut King with a screaming tanty going on in the pram next to me, I steeled myself for the disdainful comment or tut tut and put a smile on my dial...

She said "Would you like me to go into the chemist and get you some earplugs, Dear? I found they saved me when my kids were little. You've just got to let them scream it out. He probably doesn't even know why he is having a tantrum."

I could have kissed her!  How fabulous.  She just made my day.  She went on to regale me with a few stories from her own parenting nightmares list.  Pure Gold.  She's a Grandmother now and here she was telling me honest stories about her children misbehaving in public.  See, it's not new to our generation!!

This entire conversation was conducted while the Munchkin was screaming at the top of his lungs.  She didn't mind a jot, in fact she encouraged me to let him scream it out because he would sleep better at nap time.

So why don't most Older People remember what it is like to have kids?  Obviously no child is perfectly behaved at all times, surely some part of them remembers and can feel empathy or sympathy for the poor Mum of the screaming child in the supermarket.  I mean, how would a sympathetic smile be more difficult than judgemental tutting or grumpy glares?  It would certainly make the Mum feel a bit better.

A smile costs nothing but the benefits can be priceless.  In my case, the kindness and the willingness to share that this woman displayed, made my day and set me off with a bounce in my step.  It has even become a fond memory attached to the Munchkins tantrums.  And it cost her a moment of her time, I hope I see her again and can tell her.


  1. Hey Sam-o, just jumped on your blog and found this, thanks for the backlink. It's not just old people that forget, sometimes it's young people with kids that also forget. There have been times when i've had people stop and look at one of my little men having 'a bad day' in a public place and you just want to ask them to move on before they get either a time-out or a smacked bottom lol!!! As for this lady that you spoke with, well couldn't you just bottle her!!

  2. You are most welcome. I should have linked to the actual post rather than just your blog. I think it was something in your shopping with kids that reminded me to blog about this wonderful lady. SHe's been chatting to us a few times since too. I've told her how she cheered me up that day!


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