Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Facebook Reunion Post Mortem

I'm usually so nervous about reconnecting lapsed friendships and you hear about all sorts of Facebook fails but in this case, once again I am truly Glad I made the effort to catch with my Facebook friends after a 22 and half year gap in Face to Face time! 

As is always the way when you are trying to get several people together the question is where to go?  It was supposed to rain on Monday, so being the only person with children coming along, I took the reigns and decided on Lillie's in Bicentennial Park so we would have cover from the weather and the Little Man and the Munchkin could get a run in the playground if the weather cleared enough.  Of course it was fine and we should have made the trek to Watson's Bay or the new free area of the Zoo so my new friend from Texas (Partner of school friend who is located in Perth these days) could get a little bit of picturesque Sydney.  Not to be this time, but truly the venue was unimportant.

It was really great.  Even the Little Man made a comment about visiting the Perth Duo sometime soon and once he heard that my other friend has a child his age he's wanting to visit Sydney's south to see them too.

From ambivalence, I'm team 'Facebook is Great!' all of a sudden, in fact I'm turning 40 on Sunday and am contemplating a party the following week for all my Facebook friends I haven't seen for years.  It just seems right when reaching a milestone age to reconnect with the people of your past.

If you are friends with people from your past on Facebook, I encourage you to get in some face time.  You may be surprised, and if not, you can always 'unfriend' them on Facebook!!

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  1. Glad it worked out so well for you! That is an excellent venue choice (must remember to go there again soon)

    Happy Birthday for Sunday x


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