Thursday, 21 April 2011

It's not about the price of bananas

We eat bananas.

We eat lots of them.

Until last week I had not looked at the price.

I just buy them.

We just eat them.

So, you can imagine my surprise when a friend posted this on Facebook:

ONE banana - $2.86... I plan to smell it for a while and then eat it very slowly

It had not occurred to me that bananas would be expensive, even though I know all about poor old Queensland's rain.  I had been in happy oblivion.

The Facebook post has ruined my week.  I keep checking the price as I buy them, chastising my children for not giving them the respect they deserve and diving to catch discarded ends before they hit the floor.

My boys and I eat at least one each and if they are small it can be two.

I miss enjoying my bananas, guilt and neurosis free.  The truth is it is guilt.  I can afford to pay $3 a banana if that's what they cost, but I feel guilty that I can and don't even look a the price.

So really my enjoyment of bananas has not been ruined by the price of the banana at all.

I am still pondering exactly what the guilt is about.  Poverty consciousness from being brought up in a poor area by penny pinching parents?  Catholic Guilt (That's a pretty good catch all)?  A feeling it's ostentatious?  I do hate ostentatiousness (is that even a word?)...

Are you eating bananas at their current price?  Does it make you feel guilty, or is it just me?

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  1. Just started following you so I'm catching up on old posts...

    I bought some bananas 2 days ago, here near Melbourne they are $13.98 per kilo at the moment. I know exactly what you mean, I should've weighed them before buying so many: $23.84 worth of bananas!!!
    Since having kids (and me being a SAHM) we have cut back on all luxury expenses, and most of the money is going on food. So it does feel a bit wrong spending sooo much on bananas, but they're so good for us I thought I'd compromise and buy them only fortnightly, kind of what we do with salmon which is so good but so expensive at the same time.
    Who would've thought a couple of years ago that I'd be looking at bananas as a luxurious item.
    Who w


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