Friday, 15 July 2011

This Week I'm Grateful for...

- Heating.  Even I have felt the cold this week and I am so glad we have both gas heating in the living areas and the ducted A/C to warm up the bedrooms in the mornings.  I have mastered the timer and the A/C switches on about half an hour before the kids stir each morning. Bliss.

- Zoo Friends passes.  My fabulous Mum gives us memberships every year for Christmas.  I am a member and now the Little Man is a member and she gets us two guest passes as well so we can take friends with us or lend them out.  We get value for her money.  Usually we've made back their cost in savings on visits by February each year!  It really is the best way to do the Zoo because you can go for a quick trip or a lazy wander with no pressure to see everything and get value for your money.  I'm using them as much as possible this year before the Little Man starts school and we become much more restricted.

Can you beat this for a Zoo Location?

- Facebook.  Again I am feeling the Facebook love.  I just adore the ability to catch up with people I've lost contact with over the years.  At the moment I am yearning for a trip to W.A. to catch up IRL with two of my newly rediscovered friends.  I know that it gets bad press, but Facebook used properly is a GREAT thing for people of my age.  We left school and lost touch with some fabulous friends just because we went in different directions, there was no email or Internet then and in my case I am just not a phone person.

-  Paracetamol.  It's been my saviour this week.  For some reason I have had a headache off and on all week.  I'm so glad it is readily available, cheap and effective.

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  1. i especially agree with number one - it's been cold here too! we have been having fires and hot water bottles.. nothing like warming up those cold bones at the end of the day! visiting from maxabella. x

  2. So grateful for heating. As I sit here it is a glorious 21 degrees inside and 2 degrees outside. Frost tomorrow no doubt.
    (visiting from Maxabella)

  3. I WISH we had heating. It's like living in an igloo. I say it's for environmental reasons, but I think I'm just too lazy to have to get the contractors in.

    Hope that headache is nothing at all. x

  4. When I do Baby Holly's 4am feed, I've been switching the loungeroom heater on and it's heaven when we finally get up together at 6-6.30am! I should be grateful for those early feeds, I guess! :)

  5. oooh, yes, heating. bliss. i like to think i'm big and bold and brave but when i get cold i get sooky! hope your headache is better. nasty having one for too long.

  6. Headaches all week don't sound very good - hope you're feeling better soonxx. I'm definately grateful for timers on heaters. There's nothing better than getting up in the morning and the chill has already been taken out of the air. Hope you have a great week Jacqui xx

  7. Thanks all, no headaches so far this week. Hopefully it was just a little stress over the Workaholics attitude to moving house and things are settling down to boring old normal...

    Great day today. Sun Sun Sun.


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