Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Stressed about school

(and I left school more than 20 years ago!)

I am currently coming to terms with the Little Man starting school next year.  I know it's not until the end of January but there are a few things weighing on me and of course I'm probably expending way too much time and effort thinking and stressing on it when I could be enjoying having him home.

Yes, Of course I read this book!!

12 months ago we completely changed our plans for the education of the boys when aspects of the Little Man's personality came to light and the pre-school suggested we place him somewhere he can stay for his entire education.  At the time I investigated the three local options, decide on one, applied and was accepted.  We paid the enrolment fee and forgot about it until recently.  Now I am so nervous about it being the wrong choice and keep stressing about it.

It means BIG fees.  It means an all boy education.  It means a 13 year commitment for BOTH boys.  It means a non Catholic school.

The Workaholic has changed jobs and it has been so long since he had a regular income, I am thinking budgets and plans.

We know a couple of people who are battling illness and it has made me very aware of our mortality and what happens to the boys if we are not around.

When I left my job pre IVF and opened my relaxing little "let's relax and get pregnant" bead shop, I was well qualified and sought after.  Now there is a new qualification that is a lower qualification than the one I have, but must be obtained (go figure) if I want to return to the career I left to have children.  It really annoys me and I am rebelling against this ridiculous rule!  As a consequence I have some decisions to make if I plan to return to paid work for any reason.

If the boys start at this school I want them to finish at this school.  I must be able to keep them there even if our circumstances change.  I know this is a stress of my own making, but I just want them to have a stable educational experience.

I'm doubting the choice now.  I even spoke to the principal of the Catholic school last week at the Info night our Pre-school ran.  She told me it is not too late to apply but it is getting close.  I can't get the Workaholic to even discuss it.  You see he ALWAYS wanted them to go to the Boys school.  He had been badgering me to apply from the moment we moved to the area.

I now find myself madly researching increasing our life insurance versus School Fee insurance (who knew there was such a thing?) and looking at my own study options for my future employment options.  I'm weighing up finishing the Masters program I started, changing to a program I'd love but the career path is not obvious and doing a completely different Vocational program (leaning this was today - I'm feeling all practical and pragmatic!). 

All this stress at a time when I am supposed to be relaxed and getting mentally and physically prepared for IVF.

It really is crazy how much emotional energy goes into our children starting Big School.  I'm sure it will turn out to be one of those things I will look back on in amazement and laugh!


  1. I didn't have the big issue with Primary school but had a similar issue about High school for Boy Child.

    In the end we chose a public high school - just not in our local area. But it was a very tough decision for us.

    Good Luck with your decision. I hope you and the Workaholic discuss these issues and come to a resolution.

  2. Choosing a school is a big deal. I ended up choosing the local Catholic school for my daughter, though I stress about high school (which is not for another 6+ years).
    Good Luck with your decisions

  3. @E. - I know he will be fine at any of our loical schools, but I still over think the whole issue!!

    @Missy Boo - If I leave him enrolled at the Boys school at least I don't have to worry about highschool as it goes straight through.

    It's a biggy.

  4. Oh I'm with you on this! I'm so terrified of my daughter, then son, going off to school it makes me ill. And we live in a very shitty area so there's no way she's going local, and I'm yet to understand all the rules about where she can go. So really, we will probably have to sell our house and move just to choose a better school. But where? See the dilemma! It does my head in just thinking about it.


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