Saturday, 28 May 2011

This week I'm Glad for...

A chance to discuss the future and make some simple plans for the family with the Workaholic.

A real adult conversation where we were in the same room and face to face. Yay!

I'm hoping that his new job (which may or may not start on the 23rd of June) will afford more times like this. 

Boring and normal. 

I have missed it while he has been working every possible hour of the day for the last four years.

I expect I'll soon be blogging about seeing too much of him, but right now I am so glad of his presence, physial and mental.  It's a rare thing for him to get the two together.

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  1. my partner and I have had a fortnight where we have been like ships passing in the night (is that the saying? Doesn't sound quite right, but you get what I mean!). Anyway, we have passing conversations in the hall as we handball the kids back and forth. Hopefully, not too much longer of this though, we need a date night! I am glad you got that real conversation in the same room. It is a simple little thing but sooo important

    Gill xo

  2. I couldn't function if LOML was away as much as the Workaholic. You do so well. I hope you enjoy the time together when he's home a lot more. x

  3. Thanks ladies, having him home more this weekend and the last couple of evenings is very different. I sense a "The Workaholic is here too much" post in the near future!


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