Friday, 6 May 2011

This week I'm Glad for...

1. Finally finding toy/tidy playroom balance that the entire family can live with.  After much screaming negotiating we have culled the toys to a level that we are all managing to deal with.  The boys are tidying up and I can cope if not quite everything is away.

I am finally enjoying spending time in the room, something I have not managed since we moved into this house 10 months ago.

2. The feeling of achievement when I finally after a year of owning and using it, discovered how to turn on the bluetooth on my laptop. (SO sad, but I am so very glad I worked it out!)

The tragedy of it is, that I used teach I.T.

Mummy Brain does exist and it is alive and well here.

I am continually frustrated by the limitations of my once extensive vocabulary and my inability to keep a simple list in my head.  If I do write it down, I lose the list.

So finally working out how use the bluetooth  and transferring photos from my phone to my laptop without finding the cable is something to be truly glad about.

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