Friday, 27 May 2011

I just can't seem to get into this series of Masterchef

In fact it's annoying me.

I'm really disappointed.  It was a "reality" show I enjoyed and it inspired me to cook something new every once in a while.  Now I'm struggling to watch at all.

MasterChef Australia Logo

I've taken to recording it and watching the first and last five minutes or deleting it without watching at all.

The rot set in for me when they had the kids version.  I had to unlike it on Facebook and even banned it in my house.  It was one of those things that made me uncomfortable but I couldn't pinpoint why.  I just didn't like it.

I did re-like it on Facebook when this series was starting and was excited that it was coming back on.

No buzz during the first week. No buzz during the second week.

There's just no buzz at all...

Maybe the bigger the budget, the bigger the expectations, the bigger the disappointment?

I just may have to unlike it and un-series-link-it (if there is such an expression).

Is it just me or is anyone else finding it a fizzer?


  1. I half watched the first one, but haven't seen more than the first ep of the next season. I find my appetite (ha!) for reality game show tv is pretty much gone. I really liked big brother the first few years, the first season of Biggest Loser. Now I am uninterested. That said I do not watch much tv in that time slot, and I mostly watch tv series at my own pace, my tv habits are strange LOL

  2. I do the TV series all at once all the time too.

    It looks like they may have killed The Block too...


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