Monday, 2 May 2011

Mummy tools I can't live without - Part 1 - The Gro Company

I've decided to post a list of some Mummy tools that I can't live without.  This is instalment numero uno.  I intend to follow it up with all sorts of items I find indispensable in my role as Mummy.

This is my opinion and is totally unpaid and unsolicited by the companies themselves.  I just like to be helpful and share my discoveries.

All hail the Gro Company! Because my first four items happen to all originate from Gro-land.  I thought I'd start with them because they are in constant use.

So here they are in order of my love for these items.

1. Gro Bags

These are used everyday in our house. The Little Man even goes back to them when the weather turns cold.  They do an amazing job and are fantastic quality.  I recently bought a new one in the same design as one we've had and used constantly over the last four years and when I hung it in the wardrobe next to the old one, I couldn't tell which was which until I looked at the label! That, is Quality!

Bubbles Travel Grobag - All sizes have a two-way front travel zipper.
Bubbles Travel Grobag.
 This is the favourite design in our house.

2. Gro clock

The Little Man has always been a great sleeper but we moved house and his window was larger and he is naturally an early riser, I am not.  Something had to be done, especially as I had a newborn who slept through from birth and didn't wake me until at least and hour and half later.  We discussed this type of clock and looked at styles online.  He decided on this one and because it was his decision, he abides by it.  It's brilliant.  He wakes, sees how many stars are left and if it's just one, he usually reads a book until the sun rises.  If there are more than one he rolls over and goes back to sleep.  As I said - BRILLIANT!!

Book has images on the clock & helps children understand easily
Gro Clock - The Little Man and I researched all the options for
clocks, he chose this as the one he agreed to co-operate with.

3. Gro Egg

I threw one of these into my Babies Galore lay buy when I was pregnant with the Little Man because they were near the counter and I thought it would be a good night light if nothing else.  I had no idea how useful it would be.  I look at it everyday and pick pajamas and Grobag accordingly.  Both boys have them and I give it as a new baby present all the time.

Grobag Egg Changing Colour
The Gro Egg - Both boys have one in their room and
it has become my standard new baby gift.

4. Gro Anywhere Blind

This again, was a bit of a flukey purchase.  I had recently been away and we had taped closed the curtains in the bedroom of the apartment we were staying in, so light was fresh in my mind.  I was a few dollars short of free postage (I hate paying postage) on a website I use and was browsing for something else to buy.  This came up and I thought it would be handy.  It came and I threw it in the Little Man's wardrobe.  A few months later we moved and the window became a problem.  It has wide wooden Venetians but too much afternoon sun made it into the room.  I was unwilling to give up on the afternoon sleep so I gave it a try.  It is still there.  No curtains could do what this little gem does.

Gro Anywhere Blind
Gro anywhere blind - A late addition to the toolkit
but the simplest solution to a tricky problem.

So, these are my Gro company items I can't live without.  I'll follow it up in the next few days with Part 2 - Great Gifts I Received when I had my babies.

What do you think of my list so far?  Do you use and like these items?

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