Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The green and the yellow (and it's not what you think!)

I'm wondering when the rest of the rainbow is arriving.

Yesterday the Little Man spent his nap time 'decorating' his body, his bed and the walls in his bedroom with green ink from a rhino stamp we bought at the Zoo.  It does not wash off skin, it wears off.

Luckily it came off the white paint on the bed and the walls using baby wipes (what can;t they do?).

I was pretty angry and had quite a discussion with him about vandalism and respect for the things he owns.  I thought he totally understood and that would be the end of it.

Imagine my surprise this afternoon while we were at a play date at a friend's house, when he and master 5 of the house appeared with their hands literally gloved in paint (Master 5's Mum actually thought they had on the gardening gloves).  On closer inspection they had it everywhere.  We raced into the garage where her hubby keeps his Motor bike (eek!) to find an entire bottle of yellow paint covering the floor, Tonka trucks and other assorted items. Mixed in with the paint was a 3 litre bottle of bubble mix and 3(!) bags of birdseed which was EVERYWHERE.

We threw them in the shower and their clothes into the washing machine, then the two of us just stood looking at the garage wondering how to clean it up.  We were stumped.  In the end we decided it had to be hosed out and reassessed.

Now you would think these two colourful events would be great photo opportunities, especially for me as I am going on a scrapbook retreat in a week and a half, but no.  I was too angry in both cases to think about a camera.

I'm dreading the Red, Orange, Blue, Indigo and Violet!!

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