Friday, 28 October 2011

Things I Know

The Pirate Party Edition

This weekend is the Little Man's 5th Birthday Party.  He chose the theme for it to be Pirate, AGAIN.

He had a Pirate party for his 4th Birthday last year and loved it so much he couldn't have anything else this year!

I know that having a party with the same theme 2 years running is both easier and more difficult!

I know that having moved, it will be different if only because of location.  Loving my big front yard and tall front fence and gates.

I have lots of left over decorations and props from last year so I can reuse them. Good.

I have lots of costumes and accessories to dress the boys in.  Yeehah!

I know that the company we hired our pirate through were great last year so I re booked the same package at the same Halloween weekend special rate.  Excellent!

I organised to rent the same pirate ship and an extra roller coaster (so they can race) from the toy library and even though I booked it late, it was available.  Score!

I know that getting the Pirate ship and roller coaster from the toy library to my yard is just sooo difficult due to the size of the items, work schedules and availability of vans and utes.  Challenging.

I know that the Workaholics van breaking down on Wednesday means that it is Friday afternoon and they are still not picked up and delivered to my front yard. Grrr.

I know that it is supposed to rain.  Rain Rain Go away...

I know that the Little Man has invited 22 children and they are all coming.  Arrrgh!

I know that the pressure of improving on last years Party has just about sent me over the edge! I'm currently sitting in the corner rocking and muttering incoherently while I write this post.  I am.

Most of all I know that the Little Man will have a great time no matter what flaws I see in my planning, catering, decorating, organising...

The Little Man at last years Party

Pirate Dylan and the Pirate Ship

We take our themes seriously in the House of O
We even make the Grandparents dress up!

Have a great weekend and check out what everyone else knows today by visiting Shae's, linky on Yayforhome!.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Where did the last 5 years go?

Happy 5th Birthday My Little Man!

I can't believe it has been five years since you joined us in the world.

Even pool toys incite riotous Joy!

Your arrival was a surprise, 5 weeks early made you an October baby rather than the December one we were expecting. Nothing was ready. Luckily we had a lovely neighbour who organised everything and bought you clothes and linens while we were in hospital.

You were a big fat but very lazy premmie.  When you were 24hours old we had to insert a feeding tube and you ended up spending 12 days in special care.

Eventually we got you home and you were a wonderful baby, who slept and ate like clockwork.  I wondered why everyone said it was so hard!

You have always been a good sleeper.  I could take you anywhere and you would sleep in the pram, transfer to the car and again into bed! You once fell asleep on a mat with 10 other babies at our Mothers group.  The other mothers were amazed.

Being a big brother the last two years, you have been wonderful.  You are such a good big brother.

Next you will be heading to big school and I can't believe how much you have shone on your school orientation days.  We are all looking forward to seeing you in your school uniform and making new friends.

Have a magnificent special day my Little Man. 
We all love you!


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday

There was a bit of excitement when the
Thai take away delivered this on Thursday.
We call everyone Champ in the House of O!

The fraternal twins that aren't.
The Little Man and his mate who were born hours appart
and often mistaken for twins.

Mastering standing on the Flying Fox, Saturday's achievement.

Monday was all about the HEAT, playing in water and mud.

The Munchkin models wet sandals,
Huggies and Mud.
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My Little Drummer Boys

Sunday, 23 October 2011

19 Kids and Counting...

The Duggar Family.

Jim Bob and Michelle and their 19 offspring, all with names starting with J...
Now scarily I could name them all, but I wont.This is a recent family portrait,
Including oldest son Josh and his wife Anna with first of their 2 (so far)
children and in the family tradition both start with the letter M. Mmmmm...

Shhh! Don't tell the cool kids, I love the Duggars!  Never heard of them?  You just don't know what you are missing!  Check out their web site here.

I find the watching their show a bit like rubber necking as I pass an accident on the motorway.  I just can't look away.  I've been watching since they were about 14 and counting and I can't get enough, so when I discovered a new season was starting on Discovery Health, I set the IQ to series link.  They are onto Grandkids now, but don't worry, I'm sure Michelle and Jim Bob have one more in them!

Ten factoids about the Duggers from here.

10. The Duggars spend $3000 on groceries each month.
9. Michelle has been pregnant 144 months of her life. (That's 12 years!)
8. The Duggars do 40 loads of laundry per week.
7. Michelle typically gains 25-30 pounds(11-14kgs) during pregnancy.
6. The Duggars' dining room table is 18 feet (5.5m) long.
5. The Duggars go through 16 boxes of cereal and 7 gallons (26.5 l) of milk each week.
4. The Duggars' RV has 15 bunks.
3. The Duggars' home has 9 bathrooms and 7 showers.
2. The Duggars' home has 4 washers and dryers.
1. The kids earn 3 cents for each chore they complete.

They organise their monster house (which they built as a family as a home school project - for real!) to suit their monster sized family needs.


A daily schedule
OK, I admit it, the closet and clothing arrangements have me fascinated.
Duggar Family Closet
They buy almost everything secondhand and pool the lot.
Mail room
And I think I have a lot of washing!

I may not agree with their politics, their reasons for having 19 children or the way they make their living but I find myself so drawn to the show.  Lots of things make me cringe, but still I must watch!

What's your opinion of the Duggars?  Do you find them impossible to switch off like me? Or are you not interested in their lives?

Friday, 21 October 2011

Things I know...

Today, I know I am tired.  The combination of toddler wrestling and the heat have done me in.

I know that the Birthday Party for the Little Man next week is not going to plan itself.

I know cannot get motivated to plan said party.  The thought of it just makes me tired.
I know that convincing my kids to be in bed and asleep by 7pm this evening was inspired as it left me the last hour and a half to read some blogs and feel vaguely human again.
I know that the Workaholic popped home for half an hour just before I put them to bed and then went out for a boozy "work" dinner. Hmmm.
I know I would love to take myself out for a boozy "work" dinner, but I'm not sure how that would work exactly...
I know I need sleep and am taking this opportunity for an early night and crash tackling myself into bed!

I know that a black cat has beaten me to the bed because he knows the Workaholic is out and I can hear him purring from the other side of the room.

Good Night all.

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

F Bomb Awaaaay!

So the Little Man gets lazy with his speech every now and again.  We in the family, know what he's saying and usually prompt him to correct himself if he doesn't do it for himself.  It works and he is improving, probably self corrects 80% of the time, if he knows he's said something incorrectly.

On Tuesday at the Grand Parents Afternoon Tea at pre school he was falsely accused of saying F**k at the craft table.  My Mum heard but was too shy to tell the teacher that he had actually said stuck, as in "the paddle pop sticks are stuck together.  See, Stuck, stuck" with hands demonstrating this fact apparently.  She told me this in the car after I had been called over by the teacher and then had had a serious conversation with the Little Man.  She's frustrating like that at times.

Anyway, guess what the outcome of her not speaking up was?

Yep, he figured he'd already been in trouble for it, why not drop it again in a much bigger way?  Apparently, something along the lines of "Give me the F**kn thing" yelled at the top of his lungs across the playground.

So, when I arrived and was getting out of the car, before I could walk into the building, I was summoned to the fence for a serious chat with the head teacher of his room, who relayed the incident to me and then told me that on questioning him, he had said that he heard it from his friend "Oratio".  I instantly knew that was a total lie as Horatio (the Little Man treats the H as silent), would NEVER have said any such thing!!  I was also more than a bit annoyed by the entire thing.

What was my response? 

Well firstly I told her the real circumstances from the day before and how "stuck" became a big deal to the teacher who was on hand (a casual, by the way) who had kept on about to all and sundry for 10 minutes after the incident.  Then I asked why she had made such a big issue of the matter also, as it seemed to me considerable pressure must have been applied for the name Oratio to have been uttered in the first place.  I pointed out that having been reprimanded by first the teacher, then myself the day before for something he had not actually done, I was not surprised that he HAD actually used the word today.  Why not? He's already got such a big reaction, why not go for broke?  She nodded and agreed with me, well on the surface anyway.  I flounced off and went into the playground and struck up a conversation with another Mum about something else entirely while we waited for the kids to finish their drinks.  To me, that was pretty much the end of the matter.  I suspect there may be more coming from the pre school though, apparently nobody there swears...

I noticed Spy teacher (she's a management plant - reports everything I do back to the owner since I complained about the Director) eavesdropping on my conversation, but pretty much ignored her as I like to do when possible.  The Munchkin was pouring his drink into the sand pit so I said something like "Munchkin, don't do that, that's wasteful and naughty". She jumped on me before I could say another word to him.  "We don't say naughty here".  I caught myself before I said it, but I thought it. "F**k off you B!tch, mind your own business, he's my son."

I wonder where the Little Man picked up such language?

I do swear, sometimes in moments of frustration, in front of them even.  I do not let my kids swear.  They know the words they shouldn't use and I doubt they would use them in front of me.  Unfortunately, the Workaholic works in a swearing industry and can take phone calls in front of them at times, so they are very aware of how to use swear words for great effect.  In this case I just quietly asked him about it in the car and found out she did pressure him to name the swearer, and WAY too much was made of it, so in my mind he needed nothing more from me, as I could possibly make the whole situation worse.  If it happens in my earshot I will deal with it as it happens and without much fuss.

What's your approach to dealing with swear words your kids come out with?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The Pre School Grandparents Arvo Tea Edition

Blue Tongue Indian Princess - don't tell Dad...

Flower Arranging by Little Man - definitely don't tell Dad!

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My Little Drummer Boys

Sunday, 16 October 2011

This Week I'm Grateful for...

as I have just returned from my monthly Scrapbooking workshop, of course at the front of my mind is my Scrapping friends.  The SWANKY Gals.  You Rock ladies!

They are just the medicine after a week of being off colour.  I also somehow managed to get six pages done even though a very good amount of time was spent gossiping, giggling and eating.

Most of all this week I am grateful for this little almost forgotten gem,

My cousin gave the Munchkin a classic Sesame Street songs cd for his birthday.  This one has become our happy song.  We have been driving around belting it out at the top of our lungs even when I have been feeling sick it never fails to make me smile.  Grover Rocks!

Super Grover!

I'm joining in with Maxabella's Grateful linkup, again this week. Check it out.

What are you grateful for today?

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Things I know...

Today from my sick bed I know that the pumpkin soup I am simmering on the stove, smells good, I may actually be able to eat it (and keep it down).

image from here

I know that the plumber fixed the leak downstairs last week but we have sprung a leak at the other end of the house as a consequence.  More waiting for the plumber for me.

I know that the Munchkin has decided he should have his day naps in my bed, which annoys me no end for reasons I can't quite fathom (why I am annoyed that is).

I know that I am enjoying watching SG1 from Season 1 Episode 1 on Sci Fi channel and being sick is a great excuse to have a mini marathon.  I'm up to episode 15.

I know I am looking forward to my scrapbooking workshop tomorrow.  I just need to be well enough to leave the house.

I know that these "share a Coke with..." bottles are making me quite disproportionately excited when I find the name of someone I know.  Photos are taken and uploaded to Facebook immediately.

And weren't my niece and buddy, both Cass, excited
by this image this afternoon.
Fighting over who gets the bottle already.

I know that some of the 150 names they printed are quite bizare and make me wonder about the selection process they used.  I mean does anyone actually know someone called Aarav?  What percentage of the population would that be then?  Someone is having a joke right?

That's it folks.  Pretty much all I know today.  Have a great weekend and check out what everyone else knows today by visiting Shae's, linky on Yayforhome!.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my Mum.

Mum and Dad
(at the Munchkins Mad Hatter party - she doesn't usually wear a silly hat!)

We had planned to meet up somewhere between our homes today.  She looks after my niece on Thursdays and I have both of my boys so we like to do something together every couple of weeks.

Anyway, this morning I rang her and said I was too headachey to drive, but she was welcome to come here and we'd take the kids to the park, have lunch and they could head back ahead of school 40 zone time.

She did.  Even though it meant her driving across Sydney.

It was great.  The boys were entertained.  I had help with the boys at the park and getting my floors washed  Also her being here meant I remembered to eat some lunch.

On top of all this greatness, she also arrived bearing gifts.

A box of cookies she had made this morning for the kids.

A big Aldi bag full of assorted clothing she had bought for the boys, full of stuff they just love and I would never buy.

And my personal favourite, two brand spanking new 1000 count cotton sheet sets for moi!  Just because she knows how much I love them.

What a Mum!

I'm so thankful to have my Mum around to help out.

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Dinner - "Make your own boys" Pizza.  Perennial House of O fave

The Bro's (Not to be confused with Bros...

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My Little Drummer Boys

Saturday, 8 October 2011

This Week I'm Grateful for...

an early night, undisturbed sleep with the added bonus of a sleep in.

I can't tell you how refreshed I am.

The Workaholic came home last night after the boys were asleep (as usual) and we had a brief chat while we watched some of Inception on Movie One but we decided we could record it and head for bed.

As usual he was asleep within seconds of his head hitting the pillow, but the surprising thing was I was not far behind and I slept through until a text message came through (and became a doorbell in my dream, which made no sense and jarred me awake) at 8.30.  The Munchkin woke up a couple minutes later and we started our day.

I was so revived I happily got up and offered to make pancakes and proceeded to make fruit salad as well.

Having been suffering insomnia, then being woken when I do drift off by the Munchkin who has been a little off colour, I have been a crabby, sleep deprived monster!!

Not today!

Happy Happy Happy Day!


Have a great weekend people and may you all get some good sleep!

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What are you grateful for today? Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Things I know

The stinky drain edition.

This week, once again I'm linking up with Shae from Yay for Home! for Things I know. Check it out.

The Munchkin loved the snake

I know that after waiting for four days, sending 10 emails and making 4 phone calls a plumber finally turned up, at 4:15 on Friday afternoon.

I know that he was only called half an hour before he came to the house.

I know that the other plumber who was "gunna" phone me and come, did neither, ALL WEEK - I suspect he knows the house and put it in the too hard basket.

I know that the plumber who came was not one of the Clowns. Yay!

I know that the Clowns were definitely wrong about the pool causing the flood.

I know that when he described the plumbing as "interesting" he was being kind and polite and what he really wanted to say was not suitable for 2year old ears.

I know that he discovered a problem about to happen and fixed it before I was up to my knees in poo.

I know that the Clowns built the new staircase over the sewer access (yep the same Clowns it turns out) and am worried because I know they also rewired the kitchen when we first moved in.

I know that the plumber was a legend getting into the teeniest gap to get the snake down the drain.

I know that the flood is still there and we don't know if it will reoccur or if it has been fixed because it is weird.

I know where some frogs are living in my backyard and look forward to showing the boys tomorrow.

I know that the Partylite Christmas sampler tealights worked best to disguise the stink.

I know my house is still stinky, but I have great hopes for tomorrow being a pong free day.

I know I want to say THANK YOU MR PLUMBER! Thank you for turning up.  Thank you for fixing my loos before they failed and thank you for going the extra mile to stop the flood and get rid of the stench!

Deodorising begins tomorrow...

What do you know this week?

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Why oh Why does the Workaholic have to have the TV sooooo LOUD?

I swear I am going deaf and I am two rooms away, with two doors closed between us.

Is it a male thing? 

Even if I am in the lounge room during the day I don't feel the need to have the TV on unless I am, shock, horror, actually watching it.

The Workaholic walks in the door and switches it on at an unbearable level, no matter what is on.

My mood instantly changes and believe me, not for the better.

He says we never spend any time together in the evenings.

How can I?  My ears hurt, in fact, right now, they may be bleeding...

image from here
Sometimes I get woken up and have to get out of bed, walk down the 14 metres of hallways, through two closed doors to turn it down while he lies snoring on the lounge (that's a whole other post...)!

Perhaps I should invest in one of these signs for the front door:


Is it just my house or does it happen at your place too?

Somewhere along the way I lost my Pollyanna

It has been a rough time in the House of O.

But I forcing myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There has been the stress of the drama of threats against us from the crazy now ex-client of the Workaholic leading to us moving house, again.  Moving is a MASSIVE stress in itself, without even considering that this is our 7th house the Little Man has lived in in his almost 5 years of life, the financial strain of moving or the ongoing issues this old house has thrown our way (drains, pool, security...).

There is the Workaholics ridiculous hours that he has agreed to in his new job, leaving me for all intents and purposes a single parent.  OK I know he is the bread winner and a real single parent would be working as well as parenting, but I am feeling the lack of any support or assistance, so let me feel sorry for myself for a minute.

There is the ongoing family drama swirling around in the Workaholics Drama Queen laden family.

There are the financial issues of changing to monthly pay, moving expenses coupled with INSANE power bills ($273 for 10 days of electricity, WTF??) which just seem to go on and on.

I have become bogged down in insignificant details, worried about all the things I can't control and getting feral over the house cleaning because I can lay claim to controlling that!  I'm tired, I can't get out and have some much needed child free time to myself. 

To be honest I can't even start to convey exactly how much I have been crumbling under the strain.  What I have written is so insignificant.  It makes me sound so whiney...

So why am I whining on Thankful Thursday?

Well something happened this week.  It was a slow burn and had a massive tanty in the middle of it, but it happened and it is positive and I am thankful.

Last week my friend N had a bit of a go at me for the name of my blog.  "BTW -Polyanna? PML!" was the exact text message.  It made me realise how far off my normal baseline I actually was.  It made me think about it, alot.  I've been so negative and angry lately.

Then we had a totally awful long weekend at home.  The Workaholic and I had the most massive fight, I don't remember one as bad.  He called me LAZY and said I yell at the boys too much.  I walked out of the room and spent the rest of the weekend in bed with a very real headache, so he could see just how lazy I am.  Guess who spent a good chunk of his time alone with the boys yelling at them?  Very satisfying.

Anyway, I am so thankful that these things occurred.  I have switched my brain around and am back on my way back to my normal, positive self.  Taking a step back has really made me realise why I lost it.  This has been such a protracted period of crap, the only way out is to look at the positives that have come out of it and be so thankful that my boys, the Workaholic and I have all remained healthy and together.  The boys are happy and actually like the house that I had started calling the house from hell...

Now I just need to keep positive enough to get through a birthday party at the end of the month and somehow organise a child free weekend away for the Workaholic and I, and I will be back to my Pollyanna self (OK I know I may be deluding myself but that is sometimes what being positive is all about).

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

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