Thursday, 6 October 2011


Why oh Why does the Workaholic have to have the TV sooooo LOUD?

I swear I am going deaf and I am two rooms away, with two doors closed between us.

Is it a male thing? 

Even if I am in the lounge room during the day I don't feel the need to have the TV on unless I am, shock, horror, actually watching it.

The Workaholic walks in the door and switches it on at an unbearable level, no matter what is on.

My mood instantly changes and believe me, not for the better.

He says we never spend any time together in the evenings.

How can I?  My ears hurt, in fact, right now, they may be bleeding...

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Sometimes I get woken up and have to get out of bed, walk down the 14 metres of hallways, through two closed doors to turn it down while he lies snoring on the lounge (that's a whole other post...)!

Perhaps I should invest in one of these signs for the front door:


Is it just my house or does it happen at your place too?

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  1. yep! Happens at my house. But it's the {male} kids. If it isn't the noise from the TV, two doors down, it's the computer or the music blaring from the sound system as the car pulls into the driveway (in the VERY wee hours of the morning directly beneath my bedroom window!!) I seriously think that boys kill their hearing capacity at an early age.

    And they think there is something wrong with MY hearing...

    (Don't tell them I'm just ignoring them)


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