Saturday, 1 October 2011

This week I'm grateful for...

My friends with multiple boy children.

There's something about having more than one boy child that cannot be understood by anyone other than someone else with multiple boy children.

The constant activity.
The aggression.
The noise
The things that inspire them.
The dirt.
The noise
The pace.
The conflict.
Did I mention,  THE NOISE.
Need I go on?

I love this...
image from here

I'm lucky to have two good friends with boys almost the same age as mine and it is just brilliant to socialise with them.

I can relax.  They understand the shenanigans that boys get up to because theirs are getting up to them too!

We have not quite got to this yet, but I'm sure it is in my future somewhere!
image from here

I spent today with one of them and it was so relaxing and reassuring.  At one stage I totally cracked up when she told off her boy number two at one point because she sounded EXACTLY like me telling off the Munchkin. I mean it, EXACTLY.

Our older boys also have quite similar personalities (scarily, our younger boys too) and hit milestones together consistently, so it is always great to catch up and discuss the current moods of our almost five year olds, which are invariably identical at any given time.  It really makes me rethink my scepticism over astrology.  You see, they were born on the same day and have quite often been mistaken as twins over the years.  They don't really look very alike. They have the same colouring but it is more the way they work in tandem when they play or even walk together.  I think they even have a bit of the secret language going on. They definitely have a very genuine affection for one another.

I love my friends with boys.  Around them I feel like a normal Mum of normal Kids, not the Mum with THOSE boys.

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What are you grateful for today?  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. i know just what you mean, my little man is just the same, come to think of it my little girl is the same too.. busy times, nice to have friends that understand!
    thanks for linking with me. x

  2. Let's hear it for mums with multiple boys! Hooray! :-)

    And I'm sorry to tell you that the constant activity, aggression, noise and conflict remains right through until adulthood! I think the only aspect that's changed is the dirt!

  3. There's nothing better than that comfort level and understanding.


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