Friday, 30 September 2011

Things I know...

Playing along again this week with Shae over at Yay For Home! for things I know.

This week I know I am tired and that this will probably be a short and rather uninspired list. Sorry.

I know that this morning a teacher at the pre school had to tell me this weekend is a long weekend because I had no idea.

I know that I am annoyed that the clowns who have been gunna get the pool up and running have spent six weeks failing to do so and have finally been sacked.

I know they have been replaced by a reputable pool service company.

I know that the new company took one look and said, "Whatever you do don't swim in it, it's dangerous and needs repairs".  Duh, I have been saying this for six weeks...

Can you see it? The clowns couldn't...
Maybe because they didn't clean the leaves out...
Or maybe because they let it go green...

I know I am annoyed that it has been six weeks and it could possibly be repaired by now if the clowns had not been involved.

I know that the Workaholic has a lot of household jobs to do this weekend.

I know that the Workaholic will resist doing said jobs and probably get less than 1% completed himself and then call in someone else to do the rest.

I know I am about to put the Munchkin down for a sleep and will probably hit my own bed for a couple of hours.

I know I have a birthday party to plan for the end of next month and I don't even have a theme.

I know I am more interested in organising a weekend away with the Workaholic, sans kids, than organising a birthday party.

I know that this is pretty much all I know right now.

Have a wonderful weekend and check out some other things people know over at Yay for Home!


  1. Found you through Things I Know. Hubbys are funny - if I write a list of things to do for hubby you can be sure he will be foing anything except what is on the list. lol

  2. Oh how I love the Things I Know posts. They are usually very funny! As is yours.

    But I'm sorry that you have so much on. Shame I can't organise that party, because I love every bit of it!

    Damn those pool clowns. Hope your pool is up and running soon.


  3. Hope you and the Workaholic get your time away together. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you


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