Friday, 23 September 2011

Allergy Boy

The Munchkin gave us a scare this week.  The Workaholic squeezed me into his busy schedule and we hit the local Italian for a quick dinner (I was not allowed dessert :( ).  While we ate we had a chat about the Munchkin who has been a bit off colour the last couple of weeks.  As we listed all of the symptoms we both realised that all these little things could add up to something pretty big and serious.

I took him to the Doctor the next morning and am very relieved to report that it is allergies and probably fairly minor, just happening all at once for the poor kid.  After spending a fortune on a variety of prescriptions at the pharmacy we are waiting it out for the next two weeks, before looking into further tests.  He looks much better today but still slept for 3 hours this afternoon.

I always figured one of them had to have allergy issues.  The Workaholic and my Dad have terrible skin conditions related to contact allergies and food intolerance's.  I also am prone to hives if I over indulge in strawberries. 

Genetics can really be a pain!

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