Friday, 16 September 2011

Things I know...

Playing along with Shae over at Yay For Home! for things I know.

I know that:

- even though I thought the idea of travelling 15 minutes up the road for a weekend away was madness, it was actually pretty relaxing and fun.

- I am feeling rather ambivalent about the benefit of the Little Man attending school orientation sessions.

- even with sunscreen applied I managed to get burnt on Sunday while enjoying a Spring day at the beach.

- my phone dying (again - why do I keep updating the software?) and not allowing me to text meant that I received a lot of emails asking R U OK?  which is kind of ironic considering my thoughts about the intense focus of this event yesterday.

Great camera, terrible software...

- I am looking forward to my afternoon and evening of child free scrapbooking with my gals tomorrow.

- I need to go and get some photos printed so I have something to scrap.

- getting used to getting paid on a monthly basis after years of self employment has been a very difficult transition for the Workaholic and I.  We think we have mastered it now though.

- I cannot get enough of the McFeast since it returned.  I just wish it was a permanent option so I had something to eat on Fridays when I take the boys for their Happy meals.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and make sure you check out what others know by visiting Shae.


  1. I use the camera in my phone more then i use my actual camera. Loving technology, but yes the software can sometimes be a nightmare.

  2. Sorry to hear about your phone and missing your emails. Have a fabulous weekend, especially your 'me' time with your girlfriends.

  3. I've always been able to burn, even slathered with sunscreen. It's a talent.

  4. Another McFeast lover! You guys seem to be everywhere. I hope Maccas is listening, for your sake!

  5. wow getting paid monthly would take some getting used to!


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