Friday, 9 September 2011

Things I know and a Flog...

Joining in with Shae from Yay for Home!  for things I know as well as Where's my Glow for Flog Ya Blog Friday this week.  Check 'em out.

I'm trying to get my blogging mojo back and these lovely linky's help a lot.

Have a great weekend!


- Getting back into a routine, in general and for blogging is really difficult after a fast and very disorganised house move.  The stress may be abating but there is just so much to do!

- Big School orientation finally kicks off this week and I can't wait, the Little Man is apprehensive and not at all impressed with the program because he knows that I will only be with him for the first session.  Suddenly he's shy and a Mummy's boy.  I'm fairly certain all will be well with him once he has actually been to the first session.

- I am going away for the weekend.  I got a phone call from the Workaholic this morning to ask if I wanted to go away for the weekend.  I thought, great they are sending him somewhere nice for the weekend.  It turns out to be 10 minutes up the road...  I honestly can't see the benefit in this plan. 

I pack myself and the kids everything that we need for 3 nights away, including the portacot as the Munchkin refuses to sleep in a big bed, load it all into the car, arrange for my cousin to walk the 800m to my house to feed the cats for the next 2 days, drive 10 minutes down the road and wait around for the Workaholic.  Finally I unload everything (by myself because the Workaholic will be busy working) and spend the weekend thinking of everything I should have brought with me but feel unable to drive the 10 minutes home to get because I am supposed to be away, enjoying the luxury (while the Workaholic spends the weekend working)... Hmm what exactly is wrong with this picture??

- My "indestructible" camera, turns out to be destructible.  Apparently they tested it being dropped from great heights and dropped it into water and snow but what they forgot was to test it on a couple of little boys.  Olympus, I can loan you some for testing any future cameras, if you are interested?

- Finally, If your newly minted 2 year old comes to you and tells you he has poo, it's a pretty safe bet that you should put down the laptop, leap up from your seat and race in to his bedroom and change his nappy straight away...  Gotta go.  Poo disaster awaits.

That's pretty much all I know this week...

What about you?



  1. oh no your poor camera! I have had my kids break three cameras.

  2. yep no doubt about gotta listen to those calls of nature.

  3. What is it with companies that don't kid test their products, do none of their staff have children??? Hope your weekend turns out better than it started!


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