Monday, 12 September 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, the Workaholic convinced me to do it.  I went "away" for the weekend.

The car was so loaded I could not squeeze in the boys balance bikes.  He took one look at the load in the car and says "You went a bit overboard didn't you?"  Um no actually.  We used everything and I made use of the washing machine in the apartment.

The Little Man behaved atrociously about 80% of the time as expected, so I did not get a relaxing moment.  He is now so anxious about starting Big School next year (thank you excessive number of orientation sessions) that his behaviour is spiralling out of control.

I got sun burnt even through the sunblock as usual.  I was literally sitting on the beach for an hour.  The boys were with me and they did not get burnt.

There was some good stuff though.

- We did get to see more of the Workaholic than we would have if we had been home as he needed to be on hand while some extra work went on in one of his buildings and he flitted back and forth.  In fact the Munchkin got to stay with Daddy while the Little Man and I went to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon.

- I am now reminded exactly why we decided we wouldn't bring up our, at the time unborn children in a beachside suburb.  The apartment we stayed in was just down the road from the one we left 5 years ago.  Beer bottles, drunk and drugged up hoons, hoon and road noise (I slept with my ipod in my ears) and unrelenting wind.

- The Little Man went swimming in the surf in his undies.  He just spontaneously stropped off and took himself in.  It was hysterically funny and really cold but I was so proud that he had the guts to just go for it.  So out of character.  He didn't even freak out the first or 10th time he got dunked...

- I got to eat fantastic pizza.  It is one of the things we miss most about living near the beach.  The take away is so much better than where we live now which is a fast food/take away black hole in Sydney.  There is just nothing that comes close.  Nom nom...

Interestingly, I am actually looking forward to going again.  The 20 minutes of so drive is actually exactly the right amount for me after a weekend away.  I'm fairly certain the company apartments will see more of us this year.

Now I just need to get motivated to unpack...

How was your weekend?

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