Thursday, 8 September 2011

A week off

After having lots of recent dramas and culminating in moving house, I have been exhausted.  Mentally and physically exhausted.  My brain focuses on ridiculously minute details that are completely unimportant when I am stressed.  It's exhausting. 

I was stuck in a swamp of minutia.  I needed to break the cycle.

So, I just dropped out.

Out of my children's activities.

Out of grocery shopping.

Out of cyberspace.

Out of worries.

And best of all,

Out of my own stressed head.

It has been brilliant. 

I managed to do nothing until the day of the Munchkins birthday party for said birthday party and refused to be stressed about it at all.  After all all the guests are family and close friends.  They know we have had dramas and they obviously know that we only moved a week and a half before.  I felt the love and it all went of in relaxed and happy way.  He loved it and that is all that really matters.

I have only unpacked when and for as long as I felt like unpacking.  The Workaholic stepped up and relegated as many of the unnecessary boxes to the garage for me as he could so that it feels like we are moved in.

I have played with Lego, Magnadoodles and Play Doh, read books with the boys and watched lots of old Tom Baker years Dr Who episodes and old movies.

Not writing my blog or checking Facebook or even my email, has surprisingly been the most freeing.  I missed and I definitely had a peep at Facebook from my phone on occasion but basically I just disconnected.

Anyway, this last seven days has been cleansing.  I feel much more at ease and less stressed.  I think removing the structure in my week has done wonders.  I thoroughly recommend it.

I once read that if you don't normally make your bed daily, do it for a week and see what happens.  If you do, then don't.  Well I am a bed maker and have found it quite freeing to ignore the task of bed making daily and surprisingly it has not played on my overloaded mind at all.

Unfortunately the stress I had been crippled by seems to have finally caught up with the Workaholic, who has amazed me up till now with what he has been seemingly easily carrying on his shoulders.  He seems to have picked it up from where I dropped it.  Dropping out for a week is not really an option for him.  He really needs a holiday but unfortunately he has not been in his job long enough to have time off.

I'd love to help him the way my week off has helped me but I am out of ideas.  Do you have any?

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