Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The Stinky Drain Edition

Yeah, the Clowns were wrong about this too.  It is not overflow from the unmaintained (is there such a word?) by them, pool, it is actually a drain running back into the house (as I first suggested, 6 weeks ago).  3 vanilla candles cannot disguise the smell...

It started like this...

Right now it looks like this...
If only the internet had a smell feature. Ooooh Poooo!

I'm joining in with My Little Drummer Boys & faith hope and a whole lotta love for Wordless Wednesday.

My Little Drummer Boys


  1. Oh no! You need a big sack of baking soda! Good luck.

  2. Oh dear, hope you get to fix it soon. Maybe vanilla is not enough?

  3. oh my you poor thing, I really hope you get this sorted. I would try lavender candles over the vanilla ones. I have been having little success with vanilla ones of late and tried lavender and it worked just a treat

  4. I think baking soda and an oil burner? If you like tea tree or eucalyptus they are probably fresher, cleaner smells that could help make things more liveable? Mayne an oil burner or just a spray bottle with some tea tree/eucalyptus and water?
    Good luck!!!

  5. Oh tragic! I have no sure thing smell-free tips for you I'm afraid. I always got told to clean smelly refrigerators with baking soda... maybe at the end of the clean up you can educate us on the solution to pong! Good luck :(

  6. Oh no it sounds awful - who has to fix it ?
    Happy WW.
    Thanks for linking up - though i wish you didn't have to live with it.


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