Friday, 7 October 2011

Things I know

The stinky drain edition.

This week, once again I'm linking up with Shae from Yay for Home! for Things I know. Check it out.

The Munchkin loved the snake

I know that after waiting for four days, sending 10 emails and making 4 phone calls a plumber finally turned up, at 4:15 on Friday afternoon.

I know that he was only called half an hour before he came to the house.

I know that the other plumber who was "gunna" phone me and come, did neither, ALL WEEK - I suspect he knows the house and put it in the too hard basket.

I know that the plumber who came was not one of the Clowns. Yay!

I know that the Clowns were definitely wrong about the pool causing the flood.

I know that when he described the plumbing as "interesting" he was being kind and polite and what he really wanted to say was not suitable for 2year old ears.

I know that he discovered a problem about to happen and fixed it before I was up to my knees in poo.

I know that the Clowns built the new staircase over the sewer access (yep the same Clowns it turns out) and am worried because I know they also rewired the kitchen when we first moved in.

I know that the plumber was a legend getting into the teeniest gap to get the snake down the drain.

I know that the flood is still there and we don't know if it will reoccur or if it has been fixed because it is weird.

I know where some frogs are living in my backyard and look forward to showing the boys tomorrow.

I know that the Partylite Christmas sampler tealights worked best to disguise the stink.

I know my house is still stinky, but I have great hopes for tomorrow being a pong free day.

I know I want to say THANK YOU MR PLUMBER! Thank you for turning up.  Thank you for fixing my loos before they failed and thank you for going the extra mile to stop the flood and get rid of the stench!

Deodorising begins tomorrow...

What do you know this week?


  1. I know you've had a shitty day! That absolutely sucks. Hope the smell has gone soon.

    I love frogs. Too cute.

  2. sounds like the baking soda might have it's work cut out


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