Friday, 28 October 2011

Things I Know

The Pirate Party Edition

This weekend is the Little Man's 5th Birthday Party.  He chose the theme for it to be Pirate, AGAIN.

He had a Pirate party for his 4th Birthday last year and loved it so much he couldn't have anything else this year!

I know that having a party with the same theme 2 years running is both easier and more difficult!

I know that having moved, it will be different if only because of location.  Loving my big front yard and tall front fence and gates.

I have lots of left over decorations and props from last year so I can reuse them. Good.

I have lots of costumes and accessories to dress the boys in.  Yeehah!

I know that the company we hired our pirate through were great last year so I re booked the same package at the same Halloween weekend special rate.  Excellent!

I organised to rent the same pirate ship and an extra roller coaster (so they can race) from the toy library and even though I booked it late, it was available.  Score!

I know that getting the Pirate ship and roller coaster from the toy library to my yard is just sooo difficult due to the size of the items, work schedules and availability of vans and utes.  Challenging.

I know that the Workaholics van breaking down on Wednesday means that it is Friday afternoon and they are still not picked up and delivered to my front yard. Grrr.

I know that it is supposed to rain.  Rain Rain Go away...

I know that the Little Man has invited 22 children and they are all coming.  Arrrgh!

I know that the pressure of improving on last years Party has just about sent me over the edge! I'm currently sitting in the corner rocking and muttering incoherently while I write this post.  I am.

Most of all I know that the Little Man will have a great time no matter what flaws I see in my planning, catering, decorating, organising...

The Little Man at last years Party

Pirate Dylan and the Pirate Ship

We take our themes seriously in the House of O
We even make the Grandparents dress up!

Have a great weekend and check out what everyone else knows today by visiting Shae's, linky on Yayforhome!.


  1. arrrrghhhhh! Sounds like fun me hearty!

  2. oh wow what an amazing party looks super awesome

  3. I hope the rain holds off and everyone enjoys the party.


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