Friday, 14 October 2011

Things I know...

Today from my sick bed I know that the pumpkin soup I am simmering on the stove, smells good, I may actually be able to eat it (and keep it down).

image from here

I know that the plumber fixed the leak downstairs last week but we have sprung a leak at the other end of the house as a consequence.  More waiting for the plumber for me.

I know that the Munchkin has decided he should have his day naps in my bed, which annoys me no end for reasons I can't quite fathom (why I am annoyed that is).

I know that I am enjoying watching SG1 from Season 1 Episode 1 on Sci Fi channel and being sick is a great excuse to have a mini marathon.  I'm up to episode 15.

I know I am looking forward to my scrapbooking workshop tomorrow.  I just need to be well enough to leave the house.

I know that these "share a Coke with..." bottles are making me quite disproportionately excited when I find the name of someone I know.  Photos are taken and uploaded to Facebook immediately.

And weren't my niece and buddy, both Cass, excited
by this image this afternoon.
Fighting over who gets the bottle already.

I know that some of the 150 names they printed are quite bizare and make me wonder about the selection process they used.  I mean does anyone actually know someone called Aarav?  What percentage of the population would that be then?  Someone is having a joke right?

That's it folks.  Pretty much all I know today.  Have a great weekend and check out what everyone else knows today by visiting Shae's, linky on Yayforhome!.


  1. I hope you feel better and can go out tomorrow.

    I had to buy my a bottle of Coke with my own name when I saw it. Just because.

  2. I know that I really feel like running in here and shouting I AM FARTICUS and then running away...

  3. seriously how funny Kim saying FARTICUS!!! what a crack up~!!

    I confess my name is Aarav now pass me my coke!

    Also kids in your bed when you dont want them in there is bloody annoying Sam!

  4. The coke bottles are cute. I hope you get to go to your scrapbook workshop.

  5. Just like the magic mirror on romper room I'm not on the coke bottles either.

    It would go straight to the pool room if it was lol

  6. Hello,hope you are feeling better now.

    Those coke bottles are brill!I would like them too!

    Oh and children *never* nap where we want them too,do they :-)


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