Thursday, 27 October 2011

Where did the last 5 years go?

Happy 5th Birthday My Little Man!

I can't believe it has been five years since you joined us in the world.

Even pool toys incite riotous Joy!

Your arrival was a surprise, 5 weeks early made you an October baby rather than the December one we were expecting. Nothing was ready. Luckily we had a lovely neighbour who organised everything and bought you clothes and linens while we were in hospital.

You were a big fat but very lazy premmie.  When you were 24hours old we had to insert a feeding tube and you ended up spending 12 days in special care.

Eventually we got you home and you were a wonderful baby, who slept and ate like clockwork.  I wondered why everyone said it was so hard!

You have always been a good sleeper.  I could take you anywhere and you would sleep in the pram, transfer to the car and again into bed! You once fell asleep on a mat with 10 other babies at our Mothers group.  The other mothers were amazed.

Being a big brother the last two years, you have been wonderful.  You are such a good big brother.

Next you will be heading to big school and I can't believe how much you have shone on your school orientation days.  We are all looking forward to seeing you in your school uniform and making new friends.

Have a magnificent special day my Little Man. 
We all love you!


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