Friday, 21 October 2011

Things I know...

Today, I know I am tired.  The combination of toddler wrestling and the heat have done me in.

I know that the Birthday Party for the Little Man next week is not going to plan itself.

I know cannot get motivated to plan said party.  The thought of it just makes me tired.
I know that convincing my kids to be in bed and asleep by 7pm this evening was inspired as it left me the last hour and a half to read some blogs and feel vaguely human again.
I know that the Workaholic popped home for half an hour just before I put them to bed and then went out for a boozy "work" dinner. Hmmm.
I know I would love to take myself out for a boozy "work" dinner, but I'm not sure how that would work exactly...
I know I need sleep and am taking this opportunity for an early night and crash tackling myself into bed!

I know that a black cat has beaten me to the bed because he knows the Workaholic is out and I can hear him purring from the other side of the room.

Good Night all.

Have a great weekend and check out what everyone else knows today by visiting Shae's, linky on Yayforhome!.


  1. I hope you party plans work out and with no stress ...I know it is hard to get motivated some times.
    Sleep tight and sweet dreams.

  2. We have a birthday in this house next week as well (Thursday) and I haven't planned or organised a single thing! I hope yours comes together and you all have a lot of fun. I also hope you manage to get a bit more sleep (yes, I'm sure that is a lot easier said than done!) this week!


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