Sunday, 18 March 2012

The One Where I Swear off Alcohol

Friday evening I hosted an Envy jewellery party for my friend who is starting her Envy business.

It was fun.

The preparation was all of the usual doubts that anyone would come, then wonder at how many yeses I had received, followed by the last minute run of cancellations.  In this case the weather was fantastic and I lost a few to Balmoral Beach and impromptu BBQ's by their pools!

I decided to do an antipasto platter, a few bottles of bubbles as well as some soft drink and juice options followed by some choccy biccies and mini macaroons (found at Woolies and very nice) with coffee and tea.  All very simple and low stress, which was lucky because I felt like doing absolutely nothing on Friday.  It was lucky I even managed to clean the loo!

Anyway, without much effort myself and seven friends had a great evening, bought some jewellery and somehow, I still can not work out how, I managed to drink a little too much wine.

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Saturday was a write off.

I cannot remember my last hangover and quite frankly I am not keen to repeat the experience.

I have an exam to do this weekend.  Yesterday I could have finished the reading and this morning while my boys were to be at soccer I could have done the test.  Now, soccer is cancelled and I have a house full of energetic males.

Woe is me.

The Workaholic has no sympathy.  He calls it alcoholics remorse.

Whatever it is I have it.

I see a late night for me tonight while I do the reading and my test in one hit just before the cut off time.

I am at an age where I can not see the benefit of alcohol consumption anymore.  I must be old.  A boring old fart.  But I am never drinking again.  I cannot afford the recovery period!

So, how was your weekend?


  1. You didn't drink much, did you? Or did you chugg it down after I left... kicking on till 1am! ;-)

    1. Lisa, it is a complete mystery to me. I swear I only remember one glass of wine!! It nearly killed me.

  2. I always blame non-French bubbles...

    Hi Lisa *waves*

    1. I had wine without bubbles!! Cheap wine though. ;)


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