Friday, 16 March 2012

Lightening the Load

2012 has seen some big changes in the House of O.

First, the Workaholic went back to work after his Christmas break and was retrenched from the job he took for some security.  That was pretty awful and did nothing for the atmosphere around here!  Luckily he has found enough work to keep us going but is still on the look out for a REAL job.  Anyone need a Construction or Project Manager??  Big load.

Anyway, the big changes we were anticipating before that horrid turn of events, was the Munchkin starting Daycare, or pre school as we call it and the Little Man starting Big School.  Both of these were extremely stressful on our substantially reduced income.  Luckily I had bought uniforms, stationery and backpacks before Christmas so it was just the fees we had to find funds for. Managed, but the load just got bigger (on the credit card).

Probably the biggest change though, and the reason I didn't just save on childcare fees and pull the Munchkin out of his pre school, is me returning to study.  It sounds so self centred, but believe me, this house revolves around Mummy.  If I don't do it, nobody does.  This has become abundantly apparent since the Munchkin and I have been sick this last month.  So much reading, I feel buried under it!

The load

Today I have finally faced the fact that if life is going to have any semblance of relaxed and a bit normal, I cannot possibly do two units.  The reading alone has me weeks behind, in both my study and the household tasks.  It's a tough call to make fore someone who did their bachelor degree in three semesters so I would not lose interest!  So, I withdrew from the unit that has the most reading today and I instantly felt the load rise off my shoulders.  I am reinvigorated and will approach the remaining unit with new vigor this weekend, when I finally get the study time I am missing out on today due to assisting the Workaholic across Sydney (in peak hour traffic) with his office I.T. problems.

Sometimes the choice seems so tough, until you make it.  This is definitely the best thing I could do for my little family and most of all myself.

What have you done to lighten your load lately?

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