Thursday, 29 March 2012

End of Term Burnout

I am completely burnt out, so are my kids.  This week has been just mad.  I have not cleaned my house beyond the bare minimum of the kitchen.  That is a major indicator of where my head is.  I like my house clean and tidy, I can't cope if it is not.  And man I am so not coping at the moment.

It's OK, We have a Fire Engine, we can put out the fire.

It has been such a busy week and being so close to the end of the term we are all really tired and very tetchy (great word, I love it).

I'll give you an example:

Today I dropped the boys off by 8am and normally that would see me heading home via a coffee purchase, for a quick tidy and a day of study, especially as I have an online test opening tomorrow and I am nowhere near ready to do it.  Today that is not going to happen.  Today I have to go and get weird stationery items for a project that I am involved in but have no interest in, then I have to wrap up my donations for the school gala day Tombola so I can take them to the school where I am meeting The Little Man's new OT for his mini assessment before he starts with her next term.  Once that is over I need to go and pick up the winter uniforms that I ordered online (and already know I need to change some items thanks to feedback from other parents) and try to find a secondhand jumper in the uniform shop because they are out of stock of new ones.  By the time this is over I should just have enough time to run into the pet supply store for kitty litter, cat food and a heater for Freddy, the fighting fish before I head back to the school to pick up The Little Man and take him to Soccer training.  Finally I will whizz over to the pre-school to get the Munchkin just before they close and have to get my very tired boys fed, bathed and into bed.

Where is my study day??

Tomorrow I will have to study my butt off.

Saturday will be soccer and I am supposed to be having my scrapbooking workshop in the afternoon, but I am already thinking that it would be best to drop my boys at Mum's as if I were still going and head home to clean and organise the house and get caught up on my study.  I definitely think that would be the best move for my family.  I don't think any of us can take the stress of this week all over again in week 10 of the term.  Which reminds me I need to buy Easter Eggs...

These are all such first world problems.  I am really struggling with my time management this year.  I used to be so good at it, now I stress out by just listing the stuff I need to get through and am almost incapacitated by the weight of it.  I think a massage, facial and Mani/pedi is required. STAT!  I wonder if I can fit it in to my weekend.  It might be the thing that saves us from total chaos next week!

I always wondered about this phenomena of end of term burnout people talked about.  Now I am living it and I am in shock at how badly it is kicking my usually, happy butt.  Just another wonderful thing about your kids starting school that you have to live to fully understand!

How is the end of Term 1 treating you?


  1. I so hear you!! Rushing around doing all those small but vital mum things is really, really this time of year I just have to focus on the next thing and not think too far ahead otherwise I just stress out completely!!

    1. It's so frustrating! I got everything on my to do list done today. I feel much better about tomorrow thanks to that achievement! You are so right, one day at a time...


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