Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Letter of the Week, R

I was worried that with this weeks letter being R, I would be pressured into buying a rabbit.  I'm burnt out, I would so easily have caved in.

Luckily he did not even mention it, not even when we were checking out the bunnies in the pets hop this week.

This week he procrastinated.  He did suggest that I should bring his brother in as his name starts with R, but I explained that was not something Mrs M, his teacher would approve of.

So he left it until Tuesday evening.  He then decided he would do R is for Rocket and he would make one out of Lego (at bed time).

Anyway,  I made him his sheet with the word on it and some images found on the Internet and he told me what we was planning to say.

His points were:

  • Referring to an image on the back of his sheet of Saturn 5, he has going to tell the class that this type of rocket went into space before his Mum was born (nice) and that those rockets could be unmanned or manned but the rocket did not come back to earth because it burned up in the atmosphere, the men came back in capsule that dropped into the sea.
  • The next thing was that rockets put satellites in space and he made a Lego satellite to go with his rocket.
  • The final point he had was about building rockets with Lego.  I'm not sure exactly what he had planned for that!!
Anyway, I dodged a bullet and did not purchase a new bunny for the House of O!  I am sure there is one in my future though...

Next week it is the letter, O.   That could be interesting.


  1. "bunnies in the pets hop"

    tee hee hee

    1. They spent a lot of time looking but did not once ask for one this year. We did get visited by a bunny on Easter Sunday morning though. Very random. Hopped across the yard, stopped for a pat and was on his way...


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